OpenAI’s ChatGPT app now available for iOS, Android version on the way

OpenAI just announced the launch of the ChatGPT app. With the official app available on iOS and coming soon to Android, a full global rollout could see more than a billion users worldwide benefit from this groundbreaking technology.

OpenAI and Elon Musk

OpenAI is a research company focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, with the aim of developing advanced AI technologies and pursuing their responsible and broad application. It is known for its language models, such as GPT-3, and promotes the safe and ethical development of AI.

One of the co-founders of OpenAI is Elon Musk, who is actively involved in the company. Musk has played a critical role in shaping the vision and purpose of OpenAI, and he supports the development of safe and ethical AI technologies.

Global rollout of OpenAI’s ChatGPT app

At the moment, the ChatGPT app is only available in the United States, but OpenAI has announced ambitious plans for a global rollout. This expansion could lead to over a billion users accessing the official iOS app. In a announcement on May 18, OpenAI revealed that the ChatGPT app will sync users’ chat history with the web version and it will also support voice input using their advanced voice recognition model, Whisper.

ChatGPT app screenshots in the App Store. Source: Apple

Currently, the app has been gradually made available to iPhone and iPad users in the United States, but OpenAI has plans to expand to other countries around the world in the coming weeks.

A global rollout would be a huge leap forward, as a significant portion of the more than 2 billion active Appledevices could access OpenAI’s ChatGPT app. This will further promote the adoption of artificial intelligence and make the capabilities of advanced chatbots widely available.

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Complex integrations and the rise of imitation apps

AI enthusiasts have for months tried to leverage the functionality of ChatGPT on their mobile devices. Many have come up with complex solutions to integrate the chatbot with the Siri virtual assistant on iPhones.

To date, one of the most user-friendly ways to use OpenAI’s software on a mobile device has been through Microsoft’s Bing app. This app provides access to the company’s chatbot system, which is powered by GPT-4. Google’s recently announced Bard, ChatGPT’s main competitor, has yet to be released as a mobile app.

Numerous apps have appeared in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store claiming to offer a service similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Some of these apps turn out to be imitations according to the messages and even charge a higher subscription fee than ChatGPT itself.

Existing ChatGPT Plus subscribers will have access to the capabilities of GPT-4, as well as early access to new features and faster response times on their iOS devices.

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