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Only 10% of Europeans trust Ukraine to win the war with Russia

This was Russia's harsh defeat at Avdivka: the incredible Ukrainian tank attack to drive out Russian soldiers

The Europeans They don’t trust you victory from Ukraine in the War against Russia. This is the result of the latest survey by the European Council on Foreign Relations Citizens from 12 Member Statesthese are, Next to Spain Poland, Sweden, Portugal, Hungary, Netherlands, France, Germany, Romania, Austria, Italy and Greece.

A few days later Second anniversary of the Russian attack to the Ukrainian land only the polishing, Sweden And Portuguese are the most optimistic Europeans regarding a hypothetical Ukrainian victory, with a 17%while on the other hand Italian, Hungary And Greeks are the more skepticalwith some percentages less than 7%. Spain, It will be placed in turn in the middlewith a 9% of respondents who believe that the country led by Volodomir Zelensky will win the conflict instigated by the Russian president, Wladimir Putin, who is convinced of Russian victory in the war.

Nevertheless, it is Europeans They also do not consider a Russian victory to be the most likely option, as this alternative is 20% of the average. Inside Spanish caseAt 21%, this probability is slightly above average.

The the most of respondents believe that the most likely scenarioAt 37%, the opinion is that the two countries are in a confrontation They will reach an agreement to stop hostilities. In Spain this percentage rises to 44%.

41% call for pushing Ukraine to negotiate with Russia

Asked about the question Negotiations with Russia on an agreement to end the conflictA 41% Europeans think so Europe should pressure Ukraine to negotiateAs opposed to 31% Who argues that? should support Ukraine in retaking occupied territories by the Russian army in the east and south of the country.

Here too they are Hungary, Greeks And Italian the best Advocates to urge Ukraine to negotiate a deal to end hostilities, surpassin this case, 52%while Sweden, Portuguese And polishing prefer Continue to support Kyiv. The Spaniards are practical bound in this election with a 35% prefer to support Ukrainewhile a 33% believe Europe should pressure Ukraine to negotiate.

The role of the United States

Finally, approximately What should Europe do? If the United States is under the rule of a new president, cuts aid to UkraineA 33% believes that this is how it should be restrict their aid and promote peace negotiations with Moscow, while the twenty% is committed to increasing support for Replace the US part And Help Ukraine win the warwith someone else twenty-one% who believes that Europe should maintain its support unchanged.

In the case of Spain a 26% think that would be best Reduce help and promote negotiations while a 24% I would ask Keep support and other 24% It increase to cover a hypothetical lack of aid from Washington.

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