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Online slot machines that stand out

Online slot machines that stand out

Slot machines are the main attractions of online casinos. These are accessible, fun and easy-to-use games. Additionally, if you’re lucky, you can easily multiply your initial bet dozens of times in a single game! As a result, these slots are very popular with risk-taking bettors.

Most slot machines available in casinos are standard models. However, there are a few other variants that are rarer, more fun, and definitely stand out. This is especially true for 9 reel slots, progressive slots and live slots. Find out more about these outstanding models here.

Slot machines with 9 reels

Casino machines in entertainment area at night

9-reel slots are a more advanced version of the classic 3-reel machines. We explain how this type of slot works, what advantages it offers and what elements to consider before choosing a 9-reel slot.

Presentation of a slot machine with 9 reels

The 9-reel slot works just like a classic 3-reel slot. However, thanks to its 9 columns, it offers players a lot more possibilities. When you start a game, you no longer just have to focus on the three-part combination in the middle of the screen.

It is enough that at least 3 of the 9 elements appearing on the screen line up to win a prize! And the higher the number of successful combinations, the higher the win. This makes every game more fun and potentially more beneficial for bettors.

What advantages does this type of machine offer?

The best 9-reel slots have a number of notable advantages. First, they are based on an algorithm similar to that of the 3-reel models. This means that the casino cannot influence the odds of winning or manipulate the results. In other words, the unpredictable and random aspect of each part is perfectly preserved.

Second, the 9-reel slots greatly increase your chances of winning. On average, this type of slot will display between 10 and 90 symbols in each draw. You guessed it: the chances of hitting one of the many winning combinations in each game are significant.

Third, the minimum bet to play 9-reel slots is generally less than €1. However, if you are lucky you can easily win 1000x that amount. This proves how easy it is to increase your initial bet with this type of machine.

Progressive slot machines

Progressive slot machines are among the favorite models of big players. Despite being more complex, they allow you to win much bigger wins than classic slots. Find out more about how they work and the different models available here.

Introducing a progressive slot machine

A progressive slot works like an elevator. When you win a game, you go up a floor. You then have two options. You can stop there and pocket the initial jackpot, the “seed”, or on the contrary, you can decide to aim higher. If you choose the riskiest game and chain the jackpots, you have a chance to hit the ultimate jackpot. But be careful, with the smallest defeat it goes back to zero.

The progressive slot plays on the player’s instinct and willingness to take risks. It allows them to aim higher and higher, even if it means losing the previously secured cat as they progress. For this reason, it is often recommended for experienced bettors.

What advantages does this type of machine offer?

The progressive slot machine has two main advantages.

First, it’s a game that comes at a lower cost but boasts impressive profitability. Even if you bet just a few euros, you have the chance to win hundreds of thousands of euros. Of course, getting there requires a lot of luck and an innate talent for the game, but this easy possibility makes the progressive slot particularly attractive from the player’s point of view.

Secondly, the prize pool of this machine is constantly increasing. In fact, every time players try again, a portion of their bet (between 2 and 3%) is added to the jackpot total. This is why the oldest progressive slots are also the most popular.

How to choose a progressive slot machine?

All progressive slots work similarly. However, it is possible to differentiate according to the type of jackpot offered. For example, network jackpots are prizes attached to several dozen slot machines at the same time.

Similarly, tiered jackpots are prizes that are broken down into several easy-to-win mini-pots and a much harder-to-get mega prize. As I’m sure you understood, each jackpot has unique characteristics. Ultimately, you must make your choice based on your instincts and preferences.

A live slot machine

Animated slot machines are among the most entertaining attractions in online casinos. Admittedly, they share some similarities with classic slot machine models. But they also have a distinctive feature: the presence of a moderator.

Each time the machine is activated, the moderator watches the movements of the reels and patiently awaits the outcome. Once the crank’s rotation is complete, it displays a response that reflects the type of pull.

For example, the host of Extra Chilli Epic Spins can jump in the air and dance around in the event of a jackpot. Likewise, he will put on a disappointed face if the draw turns out to be a complete failure. The aim is to make your gaming experience more interactive and to motivate you to try your luck again even if you fail. The presence of the presenter makes the parties happier and takes away the loneliness that often accompanies an online gaming session.

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