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Online app speed; “If you ask for bread, you will get a mouse.”

 Online app speed;  "If you ask for bread, you will get a mouse."

While shopping for goods online, there is always the possibility of getting the wrong item, but do you expect a rat to come out of a packet of bread alive? But this has happened in India.

In the modern era our life has become very fast, now access to everything is only required by the mobile app. For this reason, the practice of ordering home goods through apps is gaining momentum, but there is also a possibility of misunderstanding in such purchases.

Almost everyone who shops online has had the experience of receiving the wrong item, but what would you say if a live rat came out of the packet of bread you ordered?

A similar incident happened to a man named Nitin Arora in India, who ordered a packet of brie through an app called Blinkit, and found a live rat with the bread outside the bag.

Nitin Arora tweeted pictures of Roti with the rat and wrote that his experience with Blinkit has been extremely unpleasant. On February 1, 2023, a roti was ordered and a live rat was found inside the packet, which is an alarm bell for all of us.

Nitin Arora added that if the goods are to be sent in 10 minutes like this, then I will wait for a few hours to get the right goods.

An Indian user wrote a complaint to the app along with the photo and apologized on his behalf.

In response, the app management wrote that this is not the experience we wanted you to have. Please share your registered contact number or order id so that we can see it.

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