OnePlus offers 5000 NFT to celebrate the 8th anniversary

NFTs are one of the biggest current trends in the cryptocurrency and blockhain universe, and some of these non-expendable items sell for millions of euros. Imagine a piece of digital art that we can buy to reclaim your property.

So if you are already familiar with this concept, you may be interested in the latest offering from OnePlus which, under the motto of its eighth anniversary, now raffles a total of 5000 NFTs. It is a gift from the Chinese manufacturer for its fans and users.

OnePlus celebrates its 8th anniversary with the NFT giveaway

NFT examples inspired by OnePlus One and OnePlus 8/7 Pro.

First of all, by NFT we mean a symbolic non-expendable, collectively verifiable and attested by blockchain technology. It is this chain of blocks that maintains the entire database and the history of digital transactions in chronological order in constant update.

The manufacturer’s initiative led by Pete Lau was announced in official forum. There, the conditions for participation in this mega raffle for the brand’s eighth anniversary are explained, which will give participants the opportunity to win some of these NFT’s.

It should also be noted that each of these “digital works of art” can increase in value over time and be sold later, for a variable amount. In fact, it is impossible to predict what will be the valuation or devaluation of each of them. tokens.

There are several categories of NFT that OnePlus will draw

OnePlus NFT

The prizes are divided into 15 common, rare, and extremely rare NFT types, as well as a few secret NFTs. Each lot or tranche is minted at 300 units, with 15 units reserved for the most valuable NFT Gold Edition.

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There are various topics that are tackled as some of the brand’s most iconic smartphones, from the OnePlus One to the MacLaren Edition held in the NFT / image above. The drawing process is simple and familiar, through the Gleam platform.

The once famous brand for cost / benefit smartphones, launched under the slogan “Never Settle” and “Flagship Killer” is currently one of the most famous and respected in the segment. cousin. It is also part of the OPPO ecosystem, its parent company.

Take a chance and be eligible for unique prizes in the NFT universe

LIVE: OnePlus Anniversary NFT CollectionLimited Drop | 5,000 Available Redeem yours NOW! OnePlus8yrs #OnePlusNFT

– OnePlusâž• (@OnePlus_USA) December 17, 2021

The user will have to follow the OnePlus profile on Instagram and, starting today, has a chance to win an NFT. The conditions to participate are very simple and even if they do not use branded smartphones, they can also try their luck.

Good luck to everyone concerned!

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