OnePlus Nord 2: the new smartphone explodes and sounds alarms

Last week came the first report of a OnePlus Nord 2 exploding. An unfortunate report for its user and the publicity that the Chinese brand would not want for its new mid-range.

Unfortunately for OnePlus and the user in question, the incident was repeated. Through the social network Twitter, the user Shubham Srivastava revealed a new case of a copy of OnePlus Nord 2 that exploded.

The second explosion of OnePlus Nord 2 causes some apprehension

Srivastava’s account states that the copy he bought for his father was the victim of an explosion. It is easy to see the complainant’s dissatisfaction with what happened, even asking for their money back.

It is not clear under what circumstances the incident occurred, being an important detail to assess a possible connection between the known cases. If the fire point is the same, it is possible that we are facing a general problem.

However, his publication was removed from the social network and there are no images that can illustrate the state in which the smartphone was after the incident. Something that indicates that OnePlus will have already contacted this complainant to try to solve the problem.

OnePlus Nord 2

In a statement to MySmartPrice, OnePlus removes any manufacturing defects in the Nord 2 that may have caused the incident. The Chinese company is confident that this is an isolated case and not the result of a smartphone problem.

However, we know that this is not the first case of a OnePlus Nord 2 exploding. The image above reveals the state of this equipment and documents the severity of what happened.

It is understood that OnePlus wants to rule out a manufacturing defect, under penalty of having to collect their equipment. That would cause huge losses for the company, as demonstrated by what happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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