OnePlus Nord 2: a third smartphone explodes, the black series continues

A third OnePlus Nord 2 suddenly exploded without any explanation. Believing that OnePlus is seeking to discharge its responsibilities, the owner of the smartphone has decided to file a complaint. He demands damages and the suspension of the sale of the phone in the Indian market.

In early August, a OnePlus Nord 2 exploded while its owner was riding his bike. A few weeks later, a second phone exploded in its user’s hand, causing serious injury. The black series continues with a third analogous case, report our colleagues from MySmartPrice.

According to the testimony of smartphone owner Gaurav Gulati, the OnePlus Nord 2 caught fire while in his lawyer robe. The man first smelled something very hot before seeing smoke coming out of his gown. He quickly threw the dress away. A few seconds later, the terminal was exploding right in the middle of the courtroom. He specifies that the smartphone was 90% charged and had not been used at the time of the incident.

A complaint seeks to ban the sale of the OnePlus Nord 2 in India

Gaurav Gulati recounted his mishap on Twitter, supporting photos. We realize that the phone is completely charred. Unsurprisingly, OnePlus quickly got in touch with him. “They were quite insensitive to the injuries and trauma I suffered… What is the value of a person’s life? “ regrets the lawyer. The Chinese brand asked to be able to recover the device for investigation.

The lawyer refused, assuring he wanted go through the legal route to settle the matter. “We have already decided to file damages claims against the company in court. If they are willing to compensate, they can make a deal in the public domain or we will sue according to the law and ask them to halt the sale of the OnePlus Nord 2 5G device with immediate effect ”, explains Gaurav Gulati, believing that OnePlus seeks to shirk its responsibilities.

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For its part, OnePlus regrets not being able to inspect of the OnePlus Nord 2 destroyed in order to verify Gulati’s assertions. “We take every complaint like this very seriously out of concern for user safety. However, despite multiple attempts to scan the device, including a site visit earlier today to examine it in the presence of the individual, it has so far denied us the opportunity to perform a proper diagnosis. In such circumstances, it is impossible for us to verify the legitimacy of this claim or to respond to this person’s claims for compensation ”, concludes the brand.

Source: MySmartPrice

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