OnePlus Nord 2: a second smartphone has exploded, the brand is investigating

A second OnePlus Nord 2 exploded in the hands of a user. According to the testimony of an internet user, the phone suddenly caught fire, seriously injuring its owner. Contacted by Twitter, the Chinese brand has pledged to open an investigation.

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According to Shubham Srivastava, a Twitter user, the OnePlus Nord 2 offered to his father suddenly exploded for no apparent reason. “I’m angry to explain that the OnePlus Nord 2 I bought from my dad recently exploded”, explains Shubham Srivastava, assuring that his father was injured in the explosion.

The man was obviously using the phone when his battery caught fire. “He is one of the government officials and was traveling abroad. Now he is bedridden. He borrowed a colleague’s phone to let me know”, testifies the internet user. That’s why he failed to insert photos from the damaged device into his tweets.

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OnePlus opens investigation after the explosion of a second OnePlus Nord 2

The young man quickly got in touch with the Indian branch of OnePlus on Twitter for repair. OnePlus has pledged to open an investigation to understand the circumstances of the incident. “We are sorry to hear about this incident. We hope the accident did not harm your father. We will look into this matter with priority and we will thoroughly investigate the causes of the incident”, says OnePlus.

For the record, this is already the second testimony claiming that a OnePlus Nord 2 suddenly exploded. In early August, a woman reported that her smartphone exploded during a bicycle ride. The battery visibly caught fire from c.some external factors. OnePlus promptly ensured that the phone had no design flaws.

As reported by our Gizbot colleagues, who relayed Srivastava’s comments, the user’s tweets were recently deleted from their account for some unknown reason. We will inform you more about this matter as soon as possible. While waiting for more information, feel free to comment in the comments below.

Source: Gizbot

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