OnePlus launches accessory at MWC 2023 to refresh your smartphone

OnePlus took advantage of its presence at MWC 2023 to reveal its new cooling solutions for smartphones. In addition to the OnePlus 11 Concept announcement, the company introduced a new accessory called the OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooler.

As the name suggests, this is a liquid cooling solution that you can plug into your smartphone. It will be very interesting for more demanding tasks, that is, during long gaming sessions.

OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooler lowers the temperature of your smartphone up to 20º

The accessory that OnePlus brought to MWC 2023 is its latest effort to improve the cooling of its smartphones. It is, in fact, their most advanced solution presented to date and it comes to the market in two parts.

OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooler
Credits: android authority

First of all, we have a bracelet-like accessory that you can attach to the back of your smartphone. When you plug it into your computer, the cooling process will start immediately, but not without the second piece I mentioned.

This is a box with a size that resembles a modem. From here all the energy necessary for the perfect operation of the OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooler will be supplied.

According to OnePlus, thanks to this accessory it will be possible to lower the temperature of a smartphone by up to 20º. As we can see in the video below, courtesy of our colleagues at Android Authority, 10 seconds is enough to feel the difference on the back of the OnePlus 11.

This accessory could be a must for users who demand a lot from their smartphone. By actively lowering its temperature, it will be possible to extend the maximum performance of the product and this can also be seen reflected in its autonomy,

It is not clear if the OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooler will work with any smartphone or if it will only work on the Chinese brand’s products. An important detail for anyone interested in buying it, but who does not own a OnePlus smartphone.

OnePlus also did not provide information on the price and the date of arrival on the market of this accessory. Information that we expect to receive shortly.

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