OnePlus 11 may receive a special version ‘out of this world’

The OnePlus 11 was presented earlier this year, however, Chinese technology seems to have one more card up its sleeve involving this smartphone. Soon we will receive a very special edition of this Android device.

The possibility was raised by a OnePlus executive on the Chinese social network Weibo. It was through Li Jie that the first image of the special edition of OnePlus 11 inspired by the planet Jupiter arrived.

one plus 11

Jupiter will have inspired the development of this special edition of OnePlus 11

In fact, the executive did not go into much detail about this special edition of the OnePlus 11. He limited himself to sharing an image of the planet Jupiter with the silhouette of the OnePlus 11.

As a caption, it was stated that this special edition will feature “unprecedented materials and craftsmanship, which make each mobile phone unique.” The goal is for this version of OnePlus 11 to be different for each user.

Following this mysterious post, several well-known sources in this market began to post more details about the product, including images of it. According to them, the new OnePlus 11 will feature a marble back.

Is coming!!!

—SnoopyTech (@_snoopytech_) March 22, 2023

It is almost certain that this version of the OnePlus 11 will feature a beige back. This color will have been chosen because it is the one that best represents the generalized perception of the planet Jupiter.

If this is true, a marble back will be a very disruptive choice. It is a material that will break with the traditional options that include glass, plastic, metal or leather finishes.

How OnePlus will make each unit of this product different is another big unknown. It will undoubtedly be a great engineering challenge for the Chinese company.

The availability of this special version of the OnePlus 11 is also in question. Due to its peculiar build quality, it is not unreasonable to theorize a very limited availability of this version, possibly only in China.

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