OnePlus 11 fails DxOMark photo test

The OnePlus 11 is the top-of-the-range smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer. It arrived on the Portuguese market with a price starting at €849, with a strong focus on cameras with the Hasselblad label. But according to DxOMark experts, these are not that good.

The device received a score of 127 points of the platform’s specialists, which places it in a modest position. For reference, she was ranked fifth in the premium ranking (in her price range) and a modest 42nd in the global ranking.

OnePlus 11 Photo Score on DxOMark
OnePlus 11 Photo Score on DxOMark

It got the same score as the iPhone 12 Pro, and was behind devices like the Xiaomi 12 Pro (129), the Google Pixel 7a (133) or the Google Pixel 6 Pro (134). Performance excels at good exposure and high levels of detail in photography or video.

However, the smartphone has problems with color reproduction in photography and video, and unwanted artifacts in images. These two points end up having a negative impact on the final score.

Strengths of the OnePlus 11 camera

  • good exposure
  • Wide dynamic range in most conditions
  • Good details and low noise in still images and video.
  • Precise isolation of objects in bokeh mode

OnePlus 11 camera weaknesses

  • Strong grid patterns in bright areas in HDR photos with simple colors
  • Variations in white balance and inaccurate color reproduction in photos and videos
  • Artifacts in difficult scenes in images

Despite the below-expectation score, the OnePlus 11 still has a satisfying camera if you can find it at the best price. But when you see devices like the cheaper Pixel 7a with a better camera and pure Android in front of you, it’s hard to recommend it.

You can check the DxOMark website for more details about the test.

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