Home Tech OnePlus 10 Pro: video shows all the details of its interior

OnePlus 10 Pro: video shows all the details of its interior

OnePlus 10 Pro: video shows all the details of its interior

Unlike other years, OnePlus opted for a different strategy in 2022. The new OnePlus 10 Pro was initially launched in China and still does not have a specific date to be presented worldwide.

Global OnePlus fans were used to taking precedence over new releases, but that’s not the case with this generation. However, the reviews and videos about the terminal help us to know everything before we get here.

Highlights the size of the 50 MP main sensor of the OnePlus 10 Pro

The PBK Reviews channel published a video where it dismantles the OnePlus 10 Pro in its entirety. In this video we know all the secrets of the smartphone. And the first notable factor is the impressive size of the main sensor of 48 MP, compared to the ultra wide angle of 50 MP and the telephoto lens of 8 MP.

As the equipment is disassembled, some details are noted. The back has a plastic construction, but due to its finish herbs teaIt is similar to plastic. The brand’s concern for heat dissipation is also evident, visible in various components.

Something that is becoming more common is the division of the battery into two cells. In the case of the OnePlus 10 Pro we have two 2500mAh cells, which facilitate 80W fast charging and try to avoid overheating.

As expected, we are also shown the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, as well as the LPDDDR5 RAM module. These are filled with thermal paste.

At the end of the day, the OnePlus 10 Pro receives a repairability rating of 6 out of 10 possible. Which is expected by 2022 standards, without being anything extraordinary.



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