OneOdio A10 review: The best cheap noise-cancelling headphones

When we think about buying headphones (or headphones) with active noise cancellation (active noise cancelling), it crosses our minds that it is necessary to spend a lot of money. But it does not have to be like that.

You OneOdio A10, from the Focus series, which I had the opportunity to test over the last month, prove that you can hardly have much. And the truth is that they only cost €75.95 on the brand’s official website (20% discount coupon at the end of the article). Let’s get to know them better?

Focus OneOdio A10

Main highlights of OneOdio A10

  • Noise canceling technology blocks up to 95% of low and medium frequency noise
  • Noise reduction capable of reaching 35dB
  • Transparency mode: Reduces music from headphones by amplifying external human voices
  • Certified Hi-Res Audio, promising premium audio with good separation between high, mid and low frequencies
  • Comfortable Ergonomic Design – Flexible and highly adjustable with memory foam cushions
  • Promised autonomy of up to 50 hours, with a 10-minute quick charge providing an additional 5.5 hours of playback

Unboxing and first impressions of the OneOdio A10

Unboxing the OneOdio A10 is quite nice. The brand provides a very sober box, and inside it we find at first sight a hard carry bag of headphones

Focus OneOdio A10

Inside are the headphones themselves, as well as a USB-A to USB-C cable of cargo and a 3.5mm jack cableif you want to connect them to your devices that way.

First impressions were quite positive. they are good headphones pleasant to the touch and to the eyethat appear to be more expensive than they really are.

Focus OneOdio A10

They arrived folded in the rigid transport bag, which shows that the brand cares about providing a good product to take on trips, for example.

Design and comfort of the OneOdio A10

The design of the A10 captivated me at first sight. are a product well-built for the price, plastic predominates, but also with metallic details and the obvious sponge in the cushions and in the area that will rest on the head.

Focus OneOdio A10

It’s hard to find headphones that are completely comfortable for me, but these clearly complied in that sense. And of course, highlighting its ergonomics.

We have memory foam pillows, and they can be rotated up to 90 degrees. These can also be folded in 90 degrees when you need to save space in your pack. They are quite adjustable in size and can be worn on smaller or larger heads (like mine), comfortably.

Focus OneOdio A10

OneOdio A10 sound quality

Despite all the features, it is the sound quality that is the decisive factor in buying headphones. and i can tell you that I was quite surprised by the positive. with these OneOdio 10.

submit a well-defined sound quality, which is not inferior to the more expensive models that I have tested in the past. There is a good separation of instruments, which will certainly make you happy with your purchase.

Focus OneOdio A10

It is good to point out that they have Hi-Res Audio Certified. This ensures that you have access to pure sound, with good separation between low, mid and high frequencies.

OneOdio A10 noise cancellation and transparency mode

As the name of the ‘Focus’ series indicates, these headphones have noise cancellation technology, in this case hybrid. The brand claims they can cancel up to 95% of mid and low frequencieswith a reduction of up to 35 dB.

My opinion is that they do what they set out to do very well. Its noise cancellation means that you do not hear the washing machine running and you can work in peace.

Focus OneOdio A10

I also had the opportunity to test them in public transport environments, or on the street, and you can see that they do a great job of canceling low and mid frequency noise.

Like any other headset in the genre, they have a harder time canceling out vocals, for example. But even some €400 or €500 headphones that I have already tried only reduce them and do not cancel them.

Even so, it was hard to hear the “subway lady” when it was time to get off at my station. For these cases we have transparency mode just a click away.

Focus OneOdio A10

This is important if you want listen to what is happening around you, or have a conversation with someone without removing your headphones. I would say that in this field he is competent. In addition, you can select the normal mode, which does not activate hybrid noise cancellation, nor the transparency mode. Good to save some battery if needed.

OneOdio A10 autonomy

But I can tell you that battery problems are something you won’t feel with these headphones. The brand promises impressive 50 hours of battery life with Bluetooth enabled, or 40 hours with active noise cancellation.

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Considering I listen to music on this one at a moderate volume, the drums are something that just didn’t bother me. And I would not be surprised if the numbers that the brand discloses are in line with reality.

Focus OneOdio A10

Using them daily, between 6 hours a day, here are some headphones for more than a week of autonomy. Which in this price range is just impressive. They have better autonomy than the top-of-the-range model that I have been using for a long time.

download from 0 to 100% in about 90 minutes via USB-C. Also note the fact that fast chargeso in a pinch you can just carry them 10 minutes and enjoy an additional five and a half hours Of reproduction

OneOdio A10 call quality

These are headphones with decent quality for calls. You can hear the person on the other end without any problem. But if you’re on a very loud stage, you’ll hear a bit ‘muffled’ on the other side.

Focus OneOdio A10

For some casual calls you won’t have a problem, but they shouldn’t be the product to use if that’s your main focus. In any case, for use in video calls at home I would say that they are competent.

Pairing the OneOdio A10

Pairing the OneOdio A10 is pretty simple, just press and hold the power button until they enter pairing mode.

I had no problem pairing them with Apple or Android devices. And something that is rare in this price range, and that some much more expensive headphones don’t even have, is the multipoint Bluetooth presence.

Focus OneOdio A10

This means that the you can connect them to two devices via Bluetooth at the same time. Therefore, it is possible to switch between the computer and the smartphone, without having to make a manual connection. Something I just adore about them.

Aspects to consider in OneOdio A10

Of course, there are no perfect products, especially when we talk about headphones from €75.95. Something you should keep in mind is that these do not have a proximity sensor.

So when you delete them, if you want to pause the music or podcast, you’ll need to do it manually. It is something that may not even be a problem for many, but you should keep it in mind.

Focus OneOdio A10

Another point is the fact that they simply do not turn off by themselves after a certain period of inactivity. This means that you will have to manually turn them off when you stop using them. But I can tell you that this did not in any way affect my good impression of its autonomy.

The control of the headphones is done through the physical buttons. In addition to the USB-C port for charging, on the left side you can switch between normal mode, noise cancellation and transparency using the ANC button.

On the rough-looking right side, we have the on/off button, which is thus easily distinguished from the others. Next to it are ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons that you can use to turn the volume up or down with a tap, or change songs with a tap without releasing it.

Focus OneOdio A10

Conclusion on the OneOdio A10

The OneOdio A10 are quite complete headphones for their price. Audio quality is excellent and noise cancellation is excellent.

In addition, they have good build quality, ergonomics and comfort. The range is simply impressive for the price, and they even have premium features like Bluetooth multipoint.

They also have their less positive points, such as the lack of a proximity sensor or the fact that they do not turn off on their own after a period of inactivity. But honestly they are small defects that are easily forgiven for the great quality-price of the product.

Focus OneOdio A10

Buy OneOdio A10 with 4gnews coupon

If you are interested in the OneOdio A10, you can find them on the official website of the brand by €75.95. But if you buy from the following link and use the discount code ONE20% SP at checkout you can have them for only €60.76 (free shipping to Portugal).

Learn more about OneOdio A10 pricing and shipping


The OneOdio A10 gets a 4.5-star rating

Strengths of OneOdio A10

  • Great audio quality for the price.
  • High-quality noise cancellation
  • Multipoint Bluetooth to pair with two devices at the same time
  • Simply impressive autonomy for more than a week of use
  • Above average build quality and comfort
  • Excellent ergonomics for better storage in the box

OneOdio A10 Weaknesses

  • without proximity sensor
  • The quality of the microphones for calls could be better

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