Onenos Cibao and Atlético Pantoja ready for the expected final

The Final of the LDF 2022 was presented this Wednesday at a press conference held at the offices of the Dominican League

The decisive event of the 2022 season will have Club Atlético Pantoja and Cibao FC starring in the national soccer classic.

The meeting with the press was attended by the technical directors of both teams, David González (CAP) and Jorge Alfonso (CBFC), in addition to the warrior players Robert Rosado and Brian López, for the Santiago team were Enzo Guzmán and Carlos Heredia.

Coaches Perspectives:

For the coach of Cibao FC, Jorge Alfonso recognized the importance of reaching the most important instance of the season.

“It’s a unique feeling, competing at this stage against Pantoja and David González is a privilege.”

The Argentine coach highlighted the year of his team and the entire process that they had to live until they reached the final; “It has been a demanding season, we have been competing on three fronts, two international tournaments and now the most important thing for us in the LDF, we have overcome the stages in the best possible way”. Alfonso will seek to repeat the title with the Cibao FC team achieved last season.

Meanwhile, David González said he was satisfied with being able to play the grand final

“I am super happy to be able to live and share this instance, last year we did not have enough background to be able to compete in a better way against the Cibao structure, now I think we will be up to the task”.

The protagonists:

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Carlos Heredia, will play a final with the team from Santiago, the offensive midfielder said that “despite having a long and demanding year they are very motivated to seek the bi-championship.” Heredia will play his second Dominican soccer final in as many seasons.

For his part, the captain of Pantoja Robert Rosado spoke of the effort and deserving as a team of reaching the title this season.

“We have worked very intensely, the great work of the coaching staff must be recognized, we have overcome many obstacles and I think we deserve to be here” said the captain.

For Brian López, Pantoja’s central defender, the scenario is unprecedented, in his debut year he will play the final: “On behalf of the club I must say that the season was long and demanding, it has been enjoyed a lot, the day to day is what account, and in the end playing for the title means a lot for the team” he commented.

One of the great discoveries of Cibao FC was Enzo Guzmán, the Cibaeño goalkeeper was very happy to be able to live this experience: “The year has been very long, but we are very happy to be able to live this moment and reach the end of the season Guzman said.

The final will be played over two games, the first leg will be staged at the Cibao FC stadium next Saturday, October 8 at 6 in the afternoon. The second leg would be played on Saturday the 15th at the Félix Sánchez Olympic Stadium at the same time.

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