Saily González, the most visible young opposition activist in Cuba, announced Sunday on Twitter that she had traveled to the United States, bordered by the pressures it received from the government this week, although he said he will continue to fight for "a country where we can all participate".

"By the time you see this message I will have arrived in the United States"reported González, a native of Santa Clara, a city in central Cuba, specifying that made that decision "hastily" Y "as a result of last Thursday’s episode of repression and the pressure" that he received that day.

González, 31, denounced on Friday that the political police were trying to create a file on him under the accusation of "instigation to commit a crime" during an interrogation to which she was subjected on Thursday, after being summoned to a police station and where she remained for several hours.

In statements to AFP via WhatsApp this Sunday, the opposition specified that was subjected to "10 hours of interrogation" and that the agents even went so far as to ask his mother to "look for clothes", "Cleaning stuff" Y "a lawyer"because she "they were going to leave in a cell".

"It is not only with one as a person, as an entity, as an individuality, but also with my family. It is telling you that ‘you know that I know your brother’, it is telling you: ‘you are not going to be able to leave Cuba until I want to’"he added.

Weeks ago, González had denounced having been warned by the police of not attend the Summit of the Americas, which was held in Los Angeles this June and to which the Cuban government was not invited. González participated virtually.

"State Security has arbitrarily told me that they will not allow me to get to the airport, because this (the invitation) seems to them to be a mockery of the country by the Americans."González then denounced to AFP by telephone.

González, who this time was not prevented from leaving the island, said that on May 31 she was subjected to another long interrogation and in January she was also summoned several times by the police.

"I will keep on fighting"

Well known for her scathing denunciations of the government on social networks, González promised that from the United States will continue his activism political.

"I will continue fighting for a country where we can all participate, a country without repression or political prisoners"said the opponent.

"My heart goes out to every political prisoner whose rights are violated and to their families, to every activist who, like me puts their body, their peace and that of their families at risk, because we all have rights in this Cuba of ALL"he pointed.

Hundreds of protesters remain in prison after participating in the historic July 11 marches, when thousands of Cubans took to the streets shouting "Freedom" Y "We are hungry".

The Cuban government considers that these demonstrations were orchestrated from Washington and accuses activists like González of being subservient to the interests of the United States.

As coordinator of Archipiélago, a political debate group on Facebook, González was one of the main organizers of the frustrated protest on November 15 on the island, called by the opposition despite the prohibition by the authorities, to demand the freedom of the political prisoners.

Many of the organizers of that protest left the country, including its leader, the playwright Yunior García, who traveled to Spain the day after the failed demonstration, but González remained active bombing to the government on social media.

"The 15N was absolutely frustrated. quite the opposite"said the opponent, who was then the victim of several acts of repudiation, including one of more than 70 people in front of her house in Santa Clara.

showed what happens to "those who dissent from the political system that embraces the dictatorship" Y "managed to individualize the demand for freedom"he added.


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