Last Wednesday, once the first Champions League match was held after 580 days, the works returned to the Santiago Bernabéu stadium … and They won’t stop for another month, when on October 27, the whites host Osasuna in a valid match of the eleventh day of the League. Until then, the whites will play their games both in the League and in the Champions League away from their fiefdom in the absence of knowing the final date of the match they have to play against Athletic. A party that is in stand-by due to the stoppage of national teams that affects the South American players summoned by CONMEBOL, and that has already affected two matches this September: Sevilla-Barcelona and Villarreal-Alavés.

That month of absence from competition will cause the remodeling works of the white stadium to undergo a significant boost. The idea that the club manages, now that 100% of the capacity is already allowed (until now only up to 60% of the capacity could be used, but due to the remodeling of the stadium and the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the white entity did not have that amount of capacity), is that for the match against the Navarrese, more stands are set up, that is, there will be fewer canvases. Currently the areas of the south end, the side of the Castellana and half a sector of the north end are covered. They are going to work especially in those areas so that more people can access. For the last Champions League match against the Sheriff there were about 25,000 spectators in the stands. With this boost, it is expected that close to 30-35,000 viewers could be reached.. Practically double. Even so, the entire stadium cannot be occupied. But it will be a significant advance.

Real Madrid calendar.

Real Madrid calendar.

The club plans to finish the works by December 2022, just 75 years after the inauguration of the stadium (It premiered on December 14, 1947 with a friendly match between Real Madrid and the Portuguese Os Belenenses), although it will not be until 2023 when the Madrid Coliseum is fully operational. It is estimated that each season the club could collect from the operation of the stadium between 150 and 200 million euros per year. In 15 months it will be a wonderful reality. But this next month there will be a strong push so that little by little the stadium will return to normal.


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