One Month Since Death of Himu: Timeline Unfolds

It has Been a Month Since the Report was Filed on Himu’s Death

One month has passed since the report on the death of popular Bangladeshi film and television actress, Humaira Himu, was filed.

Small-screen actress Humaira Himu passed away on November 2, with many believing she died by suicide at her residence in the Uttara neighborhood of the capital city.

According to the investigation report filed, a case of incitement to suicide has been registered against Himu’s friend and make-up artist Mihir and her boyfriend Ziauddin alias Rufi. In the complaint, it has been said that on the day of the incident, Ziauddin visited Himu’s house.

Following Monday’s hearing, a court granted August 1 as the date to receive the investigative report in the case against those involved in Himu’s suicide. Unfortunately, the police did not produce a report at the scheduled time and has since been given more time.

Details from the investigation show that tension between Himu and Rufi began building up some 6 months prior to her death, around August and September. Prior to November 2, the incident was captured through various suspicious clues in Rufi and Himu’s rooms. Rufi claims Himu blocked him and closed out all communication devices without speaking.

After the incident, Ziauddin alias Rufi along with Himu left after police was called on account. Investigations by the police team determined there was a problem in relationship among Rufi and him but his claim of hearing any last voice from Himu for inciting suicide claim made, his claim can become believable and the case continued its judicial progress.

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The post mortem investigation, conducted in partnership between Dhaka and Gazipur City Police, has completed it final findings.

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