One billion people in the world live with disabilities, according to the World Bank.

At present, the 15% of the world population lives with some type of disabilityabout 1,000 million people, of which the 80% live in low- and lower-middle-income countries. Your disabilities may be visible or invisible; They can be physical, cognitive or sensory.

The data is offered by the World Bank regarding the fact that, on December 3, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities was commemorated and for this reason we share the 10 commitments assumed in 2018 during the first World Summit on Disability.

1) Guarantee that by 2025 alleducational programs and projectsfunded by the World Bank are disability inclusive.

2) Ensure that alldigital development projectsFunded by the World Bank take into account the issue of disability, in particular through the application of theuniversal design and accessibility parameters.

3) Expand thecollection and use of disability datafollowing international standards and best practices, for example, applying the set of questions on disability formulated by the Washington Group (i).

4) Include questions on disability in the survey Women, business and the law (i) to better understand theeconomic empowerment of women with disabilities.

5) Guarantee that by 2020 allprojects that finance public facilities in post-disaster reconstruction contextsBe disability inclusive.

6) Guarantee that by 2025 allurban mobility projects and railways that support public transport servicesbe inclusive of disability.

7) In theprivate sector projects supported by the International Finance Corporation (IFC)intensify due diligence in relation to the inclusion of people with disabilities.

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8) Guarantee that by 202575% of social protection projects financed by the World Bankbe inclusive of disability.

9)Increase the number of staff with disabilitiesat the World Bank Group.

10) Disseminate the Framework on Disability Inclusion and Accountability (i) among World Bank staff as a way of supporting the entity’s new Environmental and Social Framework (ESF).

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