Ona Carbonell leaves her “Iberdrola Golden Footprint”

The synchronized swimmer Ona Carbonell was received today at the Iberdrola facilities by the CEO of Iberdrola Spain, Mario Ruiz-Taglewho presented him with the diploma and left his Iberdrola Gold Mark in recognition of his sports career.

After a brilliant career, in which her two Olympic medals stand out, the athlete announced her retirement last Friday at an emotional gala held at the Spanish Olympic Committee. This morning he stamped his handprints on a plaster mold, a souvenir that will be exhibited at the company’s offices in Madrid.

In this way, Iberdrola wanted to recognize the brilliant trajectory of the woman with the most medals in the World Swimming Championships (23), while thanking her for the involvement with equal opportunities that she has developed as an Ambassador of the company, a push in which Mario Ruíz-Tagle has highlighted that “the most important thing is that you leave us a legacy of values, sacrifice, principles and example. For this reason, you have managed to reach the top and achieve your goals by being a benchmark in women’s sports”.

For his part, Ona thanked the company for its support and the promotion it carries out of women’s sports, making visible the excellence of many women who, like her, have had to overcome obstacles to achieve their dreams. Especially, she has underlined the support that she made possible for her to combine her motherhood with high competition. Linked to Iberdrola since 2016, Ona, with 36 international medals, leaves the synchronized to dedicate herself to her family life and to face new professional challenges.

In the athlete’s palmares there are more than 37 medals, among which stand out silver and bronze at the Olympic Games, 23 world medals and 12 European medals. In addition, it has the silver medal of the Royal Order of Sports Merit awarded in 2013.

Since 2016, Iberdrola has been a pioneer in promoting equality for women through the practice of sports in Spain, already benefiting more than 600,000 women athletes through its support of 32 national sports federations, that is, 2 out of 3 federated women. Since then, Iberdrola’s initiatives have led to a 36% increase in the number of female licenses from supported Federations and it has more than 100 competitions with their own names, including 32 Iberdrola leagues.

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