On the verge of tears, this is how Diana Flores surprised her family with her commercial for Super Bowl LVII

Diana Flores, world champion of Flag Football with the Mexican national team, surprised her family with the commercial that was to be broadcast during the Super Bowl.

The Mexican starred in the commercial that caused a stir, on this day the social networks of the nfl shared the moment the family first sees the commercial.

The ad titled “Run with it” highlighted the importance of women’s role and relevance in sports and flag soccer.

“He has told me very little. I am with my heart (feeling that it explodes) ”were the words of Diana’s mother

His family on the verge of tears when watching the video

His father and sister also watched the video in detail: “You are the star. You are powerful, ”said her father. “You told me you were going to participate, not that you were the star”commented his mother really excited with tears in her eyes.

“Imagine the impact and it is what you have. It fills me with pride, emotion, greatness and I am very happy for you and everything that is happening “his father continued.

Her sister couldn’t hold back her tears either: “We worked a lot, since I was little. We never imagined this, never at that level. I didn’t even dream it. Thank you so much for making this great.”finished his mother.

“Family is everything. From the bottom of my heart and to all the women who are represented in this commercial, thank you nfl. Thank you family ”, reads a publication of Diana Flores on his Twitter account.

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