On the night of Salman’s trailer release, Zaid’s gym picture

The hero will exercise, this is normal. But if you post a picture of bodybuilding and it goes viral, then you have to say there is something in that picture. What is there? Zayed Khan is always in the discussion, for some reason or another, netizens bring him on the topic of discussion on Netpara. This time he brought it to the picture of the gym. Of course, he does not stop trolling.

It is said that Zayed Khan follows Salman Khan a lot. And when Zayed Khan released his picture on Monday night, the trailer of Salman Khan’s Eid movie was released that evening. Kisika Bhai, Kisika Jaan stars Salman as ‘devastating’.

Salman Khan impressed the fans in both the form of lover and action. Zayed Khan’s film is spreading on domestic social platforms when the trailer is ravishing.

The actor was asked to answer the question why Zayed Khan’s picture went viral. Zayed Khan told Kal Kantha on Tuesday afternoon, ‘I have seen a lot of reactions to the film. It has also spread on Facebook. The only reason is that people want to see me. Good or bad, people want to see – that’s the real thing.’

In response to the question whether he posted the picture following Salman or not, Zayed Khan said, ‘There is no reason to think so. It’s a coincidence. Many people meet in twos and fours. I have nothing to say if you are happy together.’

Many people say that Salman Khan does not leave to show his body, why Zayed Khan leave? So say the same day? Soylab on social media for such questions. And Zayed Khan also gave a simple and brilliant answer.

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