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On the fourth Tuesday, “Gadar 2” revenue took a heavy hit, OMG 2 game was over at the box office, collection shows

On the fourth Tuesday,

It has been almost four weeks since Sunny Deol’s historical action drama Gadar 2 and Akshay Kumar’s comedy drama OMG 2 hit theaters. Meanwhile, both sequels have achieved great success at the box office. The film ‘Gadar 2’ directed by Anil Sharma has made history by grossing more than 500 crore rupees. On the other hand, Amit Rai’s film “OMG 2” has also collected more than 100 crores by earning a permanent spot at the box office. However, in the fourth week there was a significant drop in the earnings of both films. Let us know here how many crores “OMG 2” and “Gadar 2” collected on the 26th day of release.

Starring Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel, Gadar 2 has been making waves at the box office since day one. The film has achieved many milestones during this time and has now also joined the 500 crores club. With that, Gadar 2 is on track to break the record set by Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan. However, on the weekdays of the fourth week of release, the film’s earnings also drop. Where the film grossed 7.8 crores on the fourth Sunday. On the fourth Monday, however, the film’s earnings fell by 67.95 percent, and by day 25 it was only raking in 2.5 crores. At the same time, the first figures for the film’s 26th theatrical release day are available.

  • According to Saknilk’s early trading report, “Gadar 2” has collected 2.6 crores on the 26th day of its release.
  • This brings the total revenue of “Gadar 2” for 26 days to Rs.506.27 crore.

OMG 2 withstood the Gadar 2 storm at the box office from day one. Recently, Ayushmann Khurrana’s “Dream Girl 2” was also released, but “OMG 2” retained its permanent place at the ticket office. While there have been many ups and downs in the earnings of OMG 2, it has raised more than 100 crores. On the other hand, “OMG 2” dies at the box office in its fourth week. Speaking of the collection, the film had grossed 2.2 crores by its fourth Sunday. On the other hand, as of the fourth Monday, there was a 65.91 percent drop in the film’s earnings and it brought in just 0.75 crores. At the same time, the first figures for the film’s 26th theatrical release day are also available.

  • According to SacNilk’s early trend report, “OMG 2” collected 0.80 crores on the 26th day of its release, which is the fourth Tuesday.
  • This brings the total earnings from “OMG 2” for 26 days now to 148.27 crore.

“Gadar 2” and “OMG 2” have been frozen at the box office for the last four weeks, while on September 7th, tomorrow, the most awaited film “Jawan” hits the cinemas. Given the pre-order period for King Khan’s film, it’s expected to make a splash in theaters on day one. In such a situation, will “Gadar 2” be able to surpass the lifetime collection of Shahrukh’s “Pathan” of 543.05 crores, and whether “OMG 2” will be able to join the club of 150 crores remains to be seen wait and see

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