On the death of the mother, the young son also gave up on life, a sad move

Parental separation is no less than a sad trauma and it takes a lot of courage and time to overcome the trauma of the death of a loved one, but there are people who give up and cannot overcome this trauma.

A young man from Algeria also lost courage in the grief of his mother’s separation and he made his abode next to his mother’s grave.

A young man from Algeria started living in a cemetery after the death of his mother, whose video is also circulating on social media.

The report states that Ismail Beraba, a young man from Adrar province in southern Algeria, has been living in the cemetery for 2 years after the death of his mother.

Ismail’s mother died 2 years ago, suffering from the grief of separation from his mother, Ismail decided to stay at his mother’s grave and since then he has been living near his mother’s grave.

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