Home Sports “On his first day at Castilla, Vinicius already left four …”

“On his first day at Castilla, Vinicius already left four …”

East Vini does not differ, broadly and in football terms, from that Vinicius Junior who began his career in Madrid in July 2018, even with braces in the teeth and what he had to learn what the White House was from Castilla. An experience in Second B of those that are not forgotten because this haggling and haggling also did it in what is now known as infrafootball.

“I remember that his second game was the miniderbi at Cerro del Espino and he scored both goals”, says the ex-Castillista Ayoub. The midfielder, today in the SPAL of the Italian Serie B, was a direct witness of that torrential Vinicius. “The Atleti B players were so desperate that one ended up biting their head, I have not seen anything like it …”. Tachi, today in Alavés, was the author of the bite and Busty San Román, now Huesca’s second goalkeeper, the one who suffered those first goals from Vini in Spain.

Atlético B captain Tachi bit Vinicius’s head in the Miniderbi that the Brazilian played.

Ayoub, from Ferrara, explains to this newspaper what it was like to have Vinicius in those Castilla matches, especially those from far away from Valdebebas. “They gave him many more kicks in Second B than now, seven, eight fouls per game … they were going for him”. The high point was a visit to León. A Cultural-Castilla with sparks. One of the footballers of the Culture that day, who prefers a low profile, relates it like this: “People were shouting at us from the stands to hit him more”.

“They gave ‘Vini’ more kicks in Second B than now, they were going for him”

Ayoub, former teammate of the Brazilian in Castilla

That Vinicius unleashed on the pitch (four goals in five duels with the white team) contrasted with the Vini from outside, still in the process of integration. “The first day he came with us he came just to have dinner at the rally, he sat there and didn’t say a word”They remember in that Castilla dressing room. “He laughed; the smile, that always”.

With the dribble always ready

Of course, the genius fell from his feet practically since he landed for the second time in Barajas (the first was when he signed, in winter 2017, and promised Cristiano that he would teach him to dance funk carioca). “He didn’t care if it was a one-on-one or a one-on-two … on the first day with Castilla in one play he was three or four opponents at the same time”Ayoub insists. the same Vini than the Camp Nou.

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