On his birthday, he cut a gold cake, Urvashi, into the muzzle of a cannon

The name Urvashi Raotela is always at the top among the most discussed and criticized Bollywood stars. Urvashi is unparalleled in creating controversy and criticism one after the other! But this time this actress’s name came up in an extraordinary discussion. When he cut a gold cake on his birthday, he got into the discussion, but also came under criticism.

February 25th is the actress’s 30th birthday.

And to celebrate this special day, Urvashi cut a cake wrapped in gold! But the actress fell victim to sarcasm as the picture of the cake cutting went viral on social media.

Urvashi cut a golden cake on her birthday

The actress celebrated her birthday while filming her ongoing music video. Popular singer Honey Singh accompanies the actress in this music video. The actress said that Honey arranged this special cake for her.

Urvashi said the cake was wrapped in a 24 carat gold box. Urvashi posted a picture of cutting a cake with Honey and wrote: Birthday celebration moment while shooting Love Dose 2. Darling, thank you for supporting me on my journey.’

The actress also wrote to Honey: “Your tireless work and commitment to me has opened another chapter in my career.”

No words are enough to express my gratitude to you.’

Although the actress celebrated her birthday by cutting a golden cake, she has since come under criticism from netizens on social media. One fan wrote: “Urvashi, you show once again how poor we are!” Another wrote: “Everything is gold!” Even the cake! I don’t understand what it means to show like that. Another person wrote: “Even if you do something for the poor, you can.”

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Every year Urvashi surprises with something new on his birthday.

Last year he celebrated his birthday in Paris. He spent 93 lakh rupees on the birthday party! Then the actress had to take a lot of sarcasm for it. However, this actress does not tolerate criticism or sarcasm. He always goes at his own pace. Where is his time to care about irony?

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