Omnichannel and the phygital concept as keys to increasing your sales

Convenience, easy access to products and simplicity of processes are some of the reasons that justify the great efforts that many companies are devoting to promoting the electronic channel. Consumers increasingly, thanks to the stability of the health situation, continue to visit shopping malls and stores to purchase goods and products. The need to live face-to-face experiences, to evaluate the quality of the products, or the distrust that some users still have towards online purchases, are some of the reasons that state that, for the time being, this channel is not going to lose importance.

Based on these characteristics and consumption habits, the concept of the ROPO model has emerged, acronym of English acronyms that we could translate as “online search and offline purchase”. This could be translated by the action in which the customer searches the network for what he needs and then ends up buying in a store in person.

For this reason, businesses must carry out an omnichannel strategy that allows satisfying the needs of consumers in all channels, offering the best experience in each of them.

What is omnichannel and how should it be implemented in a business?

Omnichannel is a business strategy that consists of connecting all the channels and business processes inherent to each of them, in which the brand has a presence (both physical and digital), to improve the customer experience. So, A good way to reach this omnichannel is by implementing the efforts carried out in the online channel, also in the offline one, concept known as phygital.

Personal interaction is the element most valued by users and the main reason why they continue to make purchases in physical stores. On the other hand, the speed and comfort in the purchase process are the most appreciated in ecommerce. A good way to achieve this omnichannel approach is to offer the aspects most valued by users in the online environment, in physical stores, but how to achieve it?

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The allied technology of businesses

Without a doubt, technology is the main ally of businesses to achieve this, and Smart Terminals, the devices that make it possible. These allow you to bring digital payment and application environments to physical stores, as well as manage inventory, accept payments, and even view reports on recorded operations in real time.

In this way, businesses can replace traditional devices that only allow basic operations such as sales or returns, with others that expand their functionalities and services and improve business management and efficiency.

Smart Terminals therefore offer benefits for both businesses and consumers:

  • To the shops, because it allows them to perform a wide variety of actions thanks to the download of applications. In this way, the merchant can have the data visualization tool to manage their transactions, and access all the information from the device itself.
  • To the consumersbecause it allows them to enjoy a complete shopping experience thanks to the presence of complementary applications to those of payment, which allow businesses, for example, to order a taxi for the customer.

All these functionalities will lead companies to increase the efficiency of operations, improve customer service and, consequently, increase the sales of their business.

Since sipay, we offer an omnichannel solution so that businesses can offer a 360º shopping experience, unifying the online and offline environment, allowing a personalized, fast and secure shopping process. Thanks to this solution, businesses will be able to improve management and at the same time offer experiences that are different from those of the online environment but just as innovative, all thanks to technology. In short, they will offer a better customer shopping experience, while saving, optimizing costs and managing all transactions from a single platform.

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