‘Omicron will reach everyone’

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Eradication of the coronavirus is not complete, says US epidemiologist Anthony Fauchi

According to details, US President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser has said that the Omicron variant will reach everyone with extraordinary transfer capability.

Speaking at the US Center for Strategic and International Studies on Tuesday, Dr. Anthony Fouchi said there was no way to eradicate the virus, as it spreads rapidly and has a new variant, according to AFP. Has the ability.

He said that with the fluctuations in Omekron, the country would probably enter a new phase, hoping that the population would be protected against it and that medicines would be available, so that even if someone got infected with the virus, they would be at high risk. Even if it is affected, it should be easy to treat.

Omicron is knocking on everyone’s door: Bill Gates’ prediction

“Perhaps we have entered a stage where we find ourselves on the brink of an epidemic of change,” Fauchi said.


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