Ómicron, the new threat

Miguel and Alexis are just two victims of this century’s deadly virus. What happened to those two brothers of a child of nine, most of them of Latino origin residing in the United States?

One day, Miguel stopped answering phone calls from family members. Days before he spoke little, what was necessary, he was very quiet and that he was a born talker.

He was a pastor of a church in Massachusetts, United States, and participated in the radio in a program called La Casa del Alfarero, where highly recommended to people to take care of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

He said on the radio that when he got home he would enter through the patio where he had a washing machine. He did not enter his house with street clothes. No one knows how he got the virus, but the truth is that he did not last more than three weeks in hospital. He died … despite prayers, despite the fact that he was a young and apparently healthy man. It was a great tragedy for the family and for the parishioners who knew him as an honest working migrant.

His funeral was broadcast on Facebook for his distant relatives and church members to participate in the funeral. In the front row were his brothers Constantino and Miguel. Miguel is the oldest and was the first to be infected and spent about four months in an ICU ward at a Boston hospital. It was also tubed. He is more than 80 years old and has several illnesses prior to the virus that have left strong consequences of the disease.

Alexis is the second of the nine siblings, Miguel is the oldest and Miguel the youngest. They did not understand how this young man and athlete lost his life in this way.

Just three months after Miguel’s farewell, another bad news came. Alexis was intubated by Covid-19. His wife caught an asymptomatic brother who visited her. I visited her in the hospital. He smoked a lot. That was a breeding ground. He did not overcome the disease and in less than three weeks in ICU he died.

The family still mourns these losses in abundance. At that time, there were no vaccines on the market, nor was there the information that exists today about evil. Miguel died in July 2020 and Alexis a few months later.

Omicron and travel control

Like that family, many others are going through the pain of loss to the virus. Now, the evil has returned with strength … the virus has mutated 30 times and has become Omicron.

Fear has gripped many people, but others have relaxed the controls, they no longer wear masks or take care of themselves as before. They call themselves “fed up” with the closure of early 2020, they don’t want to close businesses, they don’t want to lose their jobs or stop traveling. And there the theme that has gained strength. The United States has closed the border with African countries where the Omicron was detected for the first time and since this December 3 it has tightened the entry controls to its territory. Instead of three days in advance for traveler antigen tests, it is now just 24 hours.

Other European countries are also applying greater controls, but the omicron continues to expand its radius of action and has reached North America through California, New York and now Mexico and Brazil.

Anguish grows

When Benyamín heard the news of the advance of the omicron, he only managed to tell his daughter and the clients who at that time were in his travel agency, that the sanitary control measures had to be reinforced, but as a problem for all and also as a problem for each one individually, with isolations, constant hand washing, using masks, gel, alcohol and being vigilant. There is nothing new.

The new mutant virus threatens to bring the world to its knees again. United Nations organizations such as the ILO, ECLAC, IMF, IDB and the World Bank speak of strong statistics. Millions of jobs lost and little recovery, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean, a region hard hit by Covid-19.

Benyamín does not want to close his business. If I have to close again it will be the final one, says the man. And that you will not be able to with the debts.

The whole travel business is going down, he tells his daughter, crestfallen and worrying. The young woman only managed to tell her father that one must follow the sanitary rules for travel, work and family life and, above all, encourage people to get vaccinated and apply the reinforcements of the inoculation.

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The pain takes over

Father, there will no longer be hugs or kisses or encounters with many people, says the daughter to Father Benyamín. They have to be meetings in open spaces, keeping distance and hopefully that the airlines will once again save a space between each other for the safety of travelers and business.

Right now, the greatest infections occur in travelers who move from one continent to another. We will have to bet that the airlines take the necessary care, that the governments give the precise information … that speak of the dead, the lack of ICU beds, medicines, the cost of the disease and its consequences. That is what the young daughter says walking from one place to another in conversation with her father Benyamín.

One day the anti-vaccines will understand the importance of this pandemic, and I hope it is not too late and many more people die; of how important it is to keep economies open, that you have to take care of yourself and others. Many have had losses. Someday they will understand, the daughter continued to demonstrate to Benyamín.

     Like them, today there are millions of incomplete, hurt families. People who have not mourned. That happens to Mary. Her mother, journalist and single mother moved with her from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to Miami, in search of a better life. She infected it.

Cree was at the university or in the beauty salon where her mother worked where she was contaminated with Covid-19 and that is why her pain makes it worse. Her only company, her mother, Ido is gone and now she lives with the help of her mother’s friends and a university scholarship that allows her to continue her medical studies in the United States.

Like Mary, pain takes root in Dr. Icelsa’s heart. He became contaminated in the clinic where he works and brought the evil home where he lived with his father and mother. They both died from Covid-19 and she lives with that grief. Your best ally to work pressures is travel and now with this new threat think about the ILO data: the unemployment rate in Latin America and the Caribbean was almost 24% in young people between 15 and 24 years old due to the impact of the virus.

Many suspended flights. Merged and even bankrupt airlines due to travel restrictions. Just remembering the first three to four months of 2020 from his eyes two big tears come out, like drops of water.

It was the time when she was contaminated in the clinic, but also when two of her best friends came from Europe and the United States on a trip. Both arrived infected and died, and left behind a trail of infections, because they did not register symptoms.

What’s more, more than 125 million full-time jobs were lost worldwide in 2021, according to the eighth edition of the ILO Observatory: Covid-19 and the world of work.

Without the vaccine, the global job loss would have stood at 6% in the second quarter of 2021 and not at 4.8% actually registered, according to the ILO report. They are strong cases, difficult for anyone and for which we will have to find a way out. If someone has the solution, they should think about it, especially when traveling.

According to an AFP publication, omicron is a new version of SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus originating from the pandemic), identified at the end of November in Botswana, and then in South Africa.

The mutations that it presents can probably re-infect people who were previously affected by the virus, and contaminate a significant number of people already vaccinated. There are at least 80 countries where it is already present and the first death from this variant occurred last week in the United Kingdom.

So far, the pandemic has caused more than 5.2 million deaths since the detection of the coronavirus in late 2019 in China, according to a count by the French Press Agency (AFP).


The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) also warned that omicron may be a threat to global economic recovery and cut its projections for global growth in 2021.


The world economy could grow 5.6% this year, the OECD anticipated in its projections, a decline of 0.1 points compared to its previous forecasts, made in September, says an AFP report.

The World Health Organization (WHO) foresees greater infections, rapid and systematic.




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