Omi Kroon made New Year’s Eve a nightmare

New Year’s celebrations have been restricted or canceled in most countries due to the spread of the fifth variant of the coronavirus, Omi Cron.

The fun of New Year’s celebrations, which is celebrated with enthusiasm every year, became even more intense in the second year. New Year’s celebrations in Paris were canceled, while celebrations in the British city of London were televised only. The famous annual ‘Ball Dropping’ event in New York City, USA was also limited to 15,000 people.

A year ago, several vaccines designed to prevent coronavirus had raised hopes that the situation would return to normal, but since the sudden emergence of a new variant of coronavirus, the number of coronavirus cases worldwide has risen again. Is giving, due to which the New Year celebrations also fell like.

The event, held in New York’s Times Square, was limited to 15,000 people this year. On New Year’s Eve, US President Joe Biden said in a Twitter message that “we are returning to school, work and happiness, and this year, like last year, we will fight together.”

New Year’s Eve celebrations in the French capital, Paris, have been canceled altogether following the advice of the country’s medical experts to avoid large gatherings.

A live audience concert was held at the famous Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, while the local police and administration instructed the public to stay indoors.

In the Spanish city of Madrid, New Year’s Eve celebrations took place in Porta del Sol Square, but due to the threat of Omi Kron, only 7,000 crows were allowed to gather in the 20,000 square.

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New Year’s celebrations in Asian cities have also been affected by the threat of Omi Kron. All New Year’s celebrations were canceled in Japan, China, South Korea and Malaysia, while New Year’s celebrations were held on a limited scale in various cities of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, despite a ban on gatherings of more than four people in the Netherlands, thousands of people gathered in Amsterdam Dam Square in the Netherlands to celebrate the New Year. The gathering was dispersed by local police, according to a foreign news agency.

The curfew imposed in Cape Town, South Africa, the birthplace of Omi Kron, was abruptly lifted a few hours before the New Year, after which citizens celebrated the New Year in full force. The Australian city of Sydney also welcomed the New Year with spectacular fireworks at the famous Sydney Harbor.

According to Johns Hopkins University, 288 million people have been infected with the coronavirus and 50 million have lost their lives since 2019.


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