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Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte return to service in “Far from the ring road” on Netflix

Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte return to service in

Extremist militia, Hummer chase and conspiracy… in the Alpine countryside: this is the bet of “far from the ring road“, which is released on Netflix on Friday. Following the adventures of Ousmane Diakité and François Monge, a duo of Parisian cops played by Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte, the film is set ten years later “the other side of the ring-road” by David Charhon, replaced in the production by Louis Leterrier.

Action and comedy

The first opus of 2012 had attracted two million spectators in theaters. For their reunion, Ousmane and François are launched on the trail of a sordid crime in Isère. Under the direction of Louis Leterrier (The carrier, Elusive), Hollywood “Frenchie” at the helm of the next Fast and Furious, the cocktail is more explosive. Shootings on the model of “cartoons” and wholesale 4×4 chases punctuate the story. The comedy tends to fade over the course of the viewing, to give way to a plot that is anything but light: in a small village in the Alps in the hands of the far right, where a serious plot is hatched.


But even far from the ring road Parisian, the duo does not lose its bearings, nor the recipe that made the success of the first episode. In this “buddy movie”, Laurent Lafitte takes on the role of François Monge, a half-achieved policeman, half-arm broken, quicker to woo the inspector played by Izïa Higelin than to lock up the thugs. Omar Sy plays his exact opposite: Ousmane Diakité is the new icon of “crim”, an agent with expeditious methods sometimes outlaws. Faithful to the post, he never fails to respond with philosophy or derision to the bold humor of his friend.

Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte loyal to Netflix

This film, broadcast exclusively on Netflix, marks a new collaboration between the actor and Louis Leterrier, after the worldwide success of Lupine. The French series, inspired by author Maurice Leblanc’s “gentleman-burglar”, had reached the top of the rankings in France and the United States in 2021.

Like Omar Sy, a Netflix partner since that same year on various projects, Laurent Lafitte also works with the platform with 222 million subscribers. In the series wonder manthe resident of the Comédie-Française will be the businessman-minister Bernard Tapie, who died last October.



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