OM: Point of withdrawal, closed turns… what penalties for the Marseille club?

The LFP will render its decision this Wednesday evening following the behavior of some Marseille supporters during OM-PSG on October 24.

Between the intense use of smoke, the throwing of objects at PSG players during corners, the intrusion of a spectator on the lawn interrupting an action by Lionel Messi in the 73rd minute and certain banners hostile to the League, the toll could be heavy for the Marseille club.

As a reminder, Marseille had been sanctioned with a suspended withdrawal point for a year after the match in Angers on September 22, where overflows had broken out. This point could therefore be withdrawn after the problems encountered on Sunday at the Stade Vélodrome.

But according to some information, the withdrawal of this point is not yet recorded. The LFP could instead decide to sanction with fines and closure of turns for a few matches.

The fact that the main players in the club, such as Dimitri Payet, strongly criticized the actions of certain supporters, could also help OM which has shown its desire to collaborate with the authorities.

“Thank you to the public who set the fire and was exemplary, but I also saw bottles, chargers, lighters, I have already seen them on me, I know what it is, regretted the captain Marseilles. Some people slip, we risk losing points, we cannot say that these people like OM. I am disillusioned, I do not understand, we know that we are being observed, we need real sanctions, we can no longer wait for someone to be injured. “

“Of course, not everything went very well, but we also have to put ourselves in a context. This is the first time in two years that a stadium has been filled with 65,000 people and maybe even more. (…) We have made efforts, I think we are on the right track. Those who are troublemakers, we file a complaint against them, there is no question that there will be no sanction, ”also underlined Jacques Cardoze, director of communication for OM on RTL.

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