O&M and La Vega win at the start of day 2

Matchday two of the Dominican Soccer League began with two vibrant matches, at Cóndor Atlético Vega Real sealed the first victory of the season while at San Cristóbal OyM they did the same at the expense of Moca FC.

O&M actions vs Moca FC

The goal came quickly to the crossroads, just in the fourth minute, the Paraguayan Cristian Mendoza shook the rival nets, it was the first goal of the new OyM import in the LDF.

This is how the first part went by, however, in the second part the mocanos were going to match the actions through one of their figures

Juan Ángeles Cruz, nestled in the rival goal Just in the 57th minute of the game.

The most important emotion of the game came towards the end, the attacker Daniel Jamesley dressed as a hero by scoring the goal of the Umayyad victory when the fraction was 90 + 3.

With this victory, OyM adds four points in two presentations, Moca FC remains with three after a victory and this defeat.

Triumph of La Vega at home

Atlético Vega Real, for its part, did its homework at home and fastened the first three points of the season.

The first and only target of the match appeared when the game was running on minute 61, with the Brazilian Lucas Dos Santos scoring the goal.

The crossing held in the city of La Vega, saw how Atlántico returned to the activity of Dominican professional football, which meant great news for the LDF.

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