Olympic illusion?: Stefy Navarro, runner-up in the parkour world

There is no obstacle to resist him. Not now, when she was second in the world ranking, nor when she was a teenager, when she started doing parkour. A young discipline born in the 80s in France, but that does not stop gaining followers. Because of its spectacular nature, because of all the culture that it has as a background and, also, because it is becoming more and more professional. This Saturday, the best show. In Tokyo, the Spanish Stefy Navarro, of Colombian origin, has been proclaimed runner-up in the world in the first World Cups of this sport, which aspires to be Olympic. Specifically, she has done it in the speed test, an obstacle course, ahead of the French Lilou Ruel and only behind the Swedish Miranda Tibbling, winner of the World Cup this year, also ahead of Navarro.

Stefy, known as Stefymadness24, started in parkour six years ago and has experienced its growth in the first person. Both in its social and sports aspects. He began to enjoy himself, as he continues to do, but, little by little, he added discipline to his routines, with physical exercises focused on strength or cardio, beyond the almost innate agility. He likes to feel like he’s flying and, on the Japanese circuit, he has done so, completing the course in 35.03 seconds, three seconds behind Tibbling, his great rival so far this year, very successful, with two silvers in two participations in the Cup of the world. She is second in the speed ranking, as anticipated, but also ninth in freestyle (difficulty and execution of tricks are valued). In her record, she has a victory in the World Cup in Montpellier (France) or another in the World Urban Games in Budapest.

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Path of professionalization

At the age of 4, Stefy arrived in Spain from Bogotá. Now, after graduating in Sports Science, she works as a trainer in a gym. He combines his training, his own and for his students, with appearances in movies or advertising. In the near future, he aspires to live exclusively from the competitive side of parkour, which is steadily advancing. The World Championships, without going any further, have been organized by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG). Navarro, for his part, has the support of the Royal Spanish Gymnastics Federation and already has access to the High Performance Center in Madrid. From jump to jump, and at full speed, on the way to professionalization.

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