Home Business Olympic Games 2024: the very embarrassing testimonies of undocumented workers

Olympic Games 2024: the very embarrassing testimonies of undocumented workers

Olympic Games 2024: the very embarrassing testimonies of undocumented workers

A year and a half before the Olympic Games in Paris, and a few days before the opening and sale of the first ticket packages, these are rather embarrassing testimonies for the organizing committee. Already in December, as related The world, several former undocumented workers who worked on different sites had denounced the attitude of their former bosses, longer days, a miserable salary, not to mention the unpaid days that they could not claim since they did not have no papers. Last June, the Bobigny prosecutor’s office had even opened an investigation for “hidden work”. Other testimonies collected by BFM TV come to throw a new chill on these Olympic Games sites.

Whether in the Olympic village in Saint-Denis or for the aquatic center in Marville, there are many cases. “You work two months, but he only pays you one”, explains one of them. One of his colleagues, with whom he lives in a room, adds: “There are construction sites, I worked until 8 p.m. But if you say that you don’t want to stay, we answer you: ‘Either you stay , or you take your things'”. A blackmail which is easily explained according to the secretary general of the local union CGT-Bobigny, since the bosses do not need to give paid leave to undocumented workers or overtime. “However, overtime in the building is important, particularly for the Olympic Games, because things have to be returned on time,” adds the union representative.



80% immigrant workers?

For this Malian worker also questioned by Actu.fr, “everyone knows it, nobody talks about it”. He still assumes his decision: “I accepted because I know my situation. If you have no papers, you do everything that is difficult, all the shit, you have no choice.” Since then, the labor inspectorate has created a special unit to check at least one site per day. On the side of the works delivery company, Solideo, we temper and explain that we have taken the problem head on: “When there were faulty companies, they were immediately removed from the site. We decided to strengthen the actions to prevent illegal work”, assures BFMTV Antoine du Souich, director of strategy and innovation.

Its managing director, Nicolas Ferrand, wanted to join “in the proceedings against unscrupulous employers” and highlighted “the exemplary nature of Olympic sites”. If Antoine du Souich recognizes that it is impossible to control everything, he wants to “tighten the meshes” to identify “gross cheating situations”. According to the CGT, Turkish subcontractors would have settled and would have set up a kind of organization, where as soon as they are worried, they place themselves in liquidation. In any case, the companies concerned seem to be aware. Another worker admits to Actu.fr having given two different identities to the same company without being worried. According to him, 80% of workers are immigrants. They are now asking to be regularized.


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