Olympiacos’ stratospheric offer to Nikola Mirotic shakes up the Euroleague

The Greek team make a bold gamble to sign Mirotic, sending shock waves.

European basketball is revolutionized by the news of the impressive offer that Olympiacos has presented to Nikola Mirotic. The Greek team is willing to pay an astronomical sum to sign the player, offering a contract of six million euros net for two years. Although the offer has yet to be officially confirmed, this move could shake up the EuroLeague and change the landscape of transfers in European basketball.

Nikola Mirotic is considered the man of the summer in European basketball due to his outstanding performance with FC Barcelona last season. He led the team throughout the course and contributed to obtaining the Endesa League title as the Most Valuable Player (MVP). His name has been linked to numerous projects that seek to have his talent in his ranks.

Mirotic Olympiacos
It is a clear sign of their desire to compete at the highest level and re-position themselves as one of the dominant teams.

Olympiacos’ million-dollar offer to Nikola Mirotic

Olympiacos’ need to acquire a star has become urgent after the departure of its best player and MVP of the last Euroleague, ‘Sasha’ Vezenkov, who goes to the NBA for a figure close to 20 million dollars. With the departure of Vezenkov, the Greek team finds itself without a reference player and lacks a leader on the pitch. Faced with this situation, the name of Nikola Mirotic has emerged as an attractive option for the Greek team.

The team is not willing to compromise and seeks to consolidate its squad with a renowned star. If the transfer goes through, Mirotic would join the list of the highest paid on the continent, although he would not reach the figure of $20 million for three years that Olympiacos offered Josh Childress in 2008.

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The search for an urgent star

Olympiacos’ offer to Nikola Mirotic not only reinforces the player’s stellar consideration, but also shows the determination of the Greek team to compete at the highest level in the EuroLeague. If this signing takes place, without a doubt, the European basketball scene will be altered, and the fight for the title will intensify even more.

And without a doubt, a stratospheric offer that has generated a stir in the Euroleague. The Greek team is desperately looking for a star to fill the void left by ‘Sasha’ Vezenkov’s departure to the NBA. Although the offer has not yet been officially confirmed, if it comes to fruition, Mirotic would join the list of the highest paid on the continent. His signing would strengthen Olympiacos and further increase competitiveness in the Euroleague, generating great expectations.

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