Oliveira: “It has been difficult from a mental point of view”

Miguel Oliveira’s fifth victory in MotoGP It came at the Thai GP and it was like the Indonesian GP, ​​the second of the 2022 course, in the wet. The Portuguese looks like an outboard on the KTM handlebars and at Buriram he recovered from 11th on the grid to first, beating Miller by 0.7. His happiness was more than logical and he spoke of the difficulty involved in winning, especially on a mental level.

“It was very easy to make mistakes, crash due to lack of visibility, and I am very happy with the victory, another one in the wet. And very happy for the team because even if the race was dry it could be in the top five, but in the wet the possibilities open up. Since last year the team already knows how I like to ride the bike in the wet setting and then the riding is more about feeling. I can find those good feelings very quickly. It was a difficult race from a mental point of view. All wet races are difficult, because you can crash at any moment. I was comfortable, but Jack forced me to be in attack mode until the last lap. That was also positive for me, because it made me not relax at any time, ” He started saying on TV.

Already at a press conference, comparing his career with Miller’s, he believed that “Jack was much better under braking, especially in Turn 1 and 3.” “There he beat me, but I could cut him from turn 7. I think it was better in terms of traction and I could be closer to him. I followed him for several laps to open a gap with Pecco as well and in the end I found the opportunity to overtake him”.

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On the secret of his success in water, he said: “I think it’s a bit of everything. At the beginning of last year I also easily found the rain setting. I think I only have a little advantage when we come from the dry and change to the wet, that in the first few minutes I go a little faster. Actually, I think there is no explanation. Obviously I would like to be more competitive also in the dry, but I take a victory in the wet for good, too”.

And regarding the end of his story with KTM, before getting on an Aprilia next year: “For me, we have been able to show quite good potential. It’s a shame that our story is going to end in Valencia, but I’m also happy to take on another challenge next year.

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