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Olive oil with a variety of uses: 7 incredible everyday uses


Olive oil is a staple ingredient in cooking, but few know that cooking oil has many incredible uses in everyday life.

Recently, cooking oil has been a key topic in the media due to its high prices, which have skyrocketed since the start of the war in Ukraine. And olive oil has far more uses than just cooking.

What can olive oil be used for?

One of the advantages of olive oil is that it comes from countries such as Greece, Italy and Spain, unlike the oilseeds for sunflower oil, which come mainly from Russia and Ukraine.

In addition to better availability and prices, olive oil impresses with its versatile uses, ranging from the kitchen to the bathroom to the medicine cabinet. It is not for nothing that it is considered a real all-rounder that can be used in many areas.

  • Olive oil blend for healthy digestion
  • Olive oil as a cosmetic for hair, skin and lips
  • Olive oil as a means to quit smoking
  • Homemade candles with olive oil
  • Olive oil in body massage
  • Olive oil based leather polish and care
  • Olive oil as a degreaser in cleaning products

Where can you use olive oil?

From a nutritional perspective, the numerous omega-3 fatty acids contained in olive oil can benefit people who want to quit smoking.

Research has shown that these fatty acids can reduce nicotine cravings. It doesn’t matter in what form olive oil is consumed, whether as a salad dressing or otherwise.

In addition, not only skin, hair or stomach benefit from the valuable ingredients of olive oil, leather products can also be refreshed by treating them with a few drops of olive oil, so that shoes or bags feel fresh again. Be shiny and soft.

He Extra virgin olive oil It contains the most polyphenols and vitamins

Can you put olive oil on your skin?

People with digestive problems such as constipation may benefit from a combination of both olive oil and lemon juice, because olive oil softens the intestines and the acidity of the lemon stimulates digestion. Both olive oil and lemons are versatile and can replace many cleaning chemicals.

Thank you to your valuable Vitamins and nutrientsLike vitamin E, olive oil moisturizes hair, skin and nails and is therefore often used in care products.

But even in its pure form it has a strengthening effect and regulates the moisture balance. Homemade peelings with olive oil or hair masks as well as using them as shampoo or lip and nail care are also possible.

Can you apply olive oil to your hair?

Olive oil without fragrances and chemicals is ideal care, especially for people with sensitive skin and scalp, and can counteract flaky scalp.

Olive oil has been used in hair care since ancient times, primarily for its nourishing and moisturizing properties.

Pure olive oil can be used as a leave-in conditioner by simply massaging it into damp hair and then styling as usual. The big advantage over conventional care products is that pure olive oil contains neither perfume nor other additives such as preservatives, which also makes it interesting as a natural beard care product.

Is olive oil good for the intimate area?

Menopause is often accompanied by vaginal dryness in women. If it itches and burns, women can quickly resort to a home remedy to relieve the dryness.

Olive oil can relieve discomfort in the intimate area and is also suitable as a natural lubricant. A drop of olive oil on the vaginal mucosa is enough.

But olive oil can be a real lifesaver in the intimate area, and not just for women. Men often experience dryness and inflammation of the glans in summer. The reason for this is the warm and humid microclimate that prevails in the male crotch in summer.

If you really want to do it yourself with the simplest means possible, use a protective oil. For example, olive oil and baby oil are suitable for rubbing irritated or inflamed areas under the foreskin.

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