Oleksandr Usyk: “Fury wants to copy Muhammad Ali, but he is a bad copy”

Despite boxing fans expected and dreamed of a fight between the Ukrainian Oleksandr Usik and the British Tyson FuryEverything indicates that this will not be possible, at least in the short term, as revealed by the Ukrainian boxer himself who decided to break off negotiations.

During an interview he gave to Ukrainian media, usyk announced the reasons why he decided to break the negotiations and assured that Fury was only making excuses for the fight not to take place in search of showing who was the best pound for pound.

“I see that nothing is happening, he is trying to play with us, and I told him: ‘That’s all, bye'”, in addition to pointing out that Fury believes he is Muhammad Ali and even sentenced that “wants copy Muhammad Ali but it’s a bad copy reigniting the rivalry between the two.

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Usyk assured that during the negotiations, Fury told him that “70/30 (on dividing the bag of money), I am the king. It’s all thanks to me. I don’t answer that. I understand that this is a mind game. The king is the king. And the king does not need to shout that he is the king.

Dubois, next opponent

Just a few hours ago, the World Boxing Association ordered Usyk to fight Daniel Dubois on a mandatory basis. In this way, the fighters will have a period of 30 days to negotiate the fight, which could become a reality according to Usyk himself.

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“It will probably be Daniel Dubois at the end of the summer… I will go to Britain, I love him so much. My first big achievements were in Great Britain. Then Anthony Joshua. I like this place, I like the fans, the people” he added, leaving a possible fight with Joshua on the doorstep.

The fight between Usyk and Dubois had been ordered since last December 12 but in the process, a window was granted for Usyk to negotiate the unification fight with Tyson Fury.

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