Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé … Charly, Charly …

Charly García is, without a doubt, the Maradona of rock. He has other ties to football, of course. He was a fan of San Lorenzo in his childhood but as a teenager, perhaps to differentiate himself from his raven father, he became a River fan forever: “I liked the shirt, those colors are amazing. And because when I started to see him, in the ’60s, he was a great team with Ermindo and Daniel Onega, Amadeo Carrizo and Pinino Más”, He once recounted. Not having a mango in those years, he entered the field when the doors opened in the second half. And surely that is why he was saved in ’68 from that unfortunate tragedy at Gate 12: “It was one of the most tragic episodes that I experienced. With my friends we entered the second half and came straight into Gate 12. There we realized that we were in the middle of the Boca fans, so we went to hell. We fell into the River stand and that’s why I was saved. If not, it was in the slaughterhouse“, he recounted.

Already consecrated, he built a great brotherhood with Maradona – whom we could call “The Charly García del Rock” – even invited by him, he went to the Bombonera and ended up applauded by the xeneize fans themselves. After the death of. Diego, Charly wrote a heartfelt “Letter to Ten”, where he told him that he was always amazed by his humility and his ability to see the plays before everyone else.

As fans that we are of this genius with the bicolor mustache, author of the soundtrack of our life, in Wolf danger we would like to involve him a little more with football and perhaps, sinning from an excess of imagination, We dream of him as a soccer player and – since we are – we think of him as Messi’s teammate in the National Team. What a luxury it would have been to see them making walls for both of them. “Behind the walls that have been raised yesterday, I beg you to still breathe … “ he would then sing with his classic “Say No More” bracelet on one arm. Taking advantage of this evocative fantasy, we get to ask Charly, how did he see himself playing alongside Messi?

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-Each one has a trip in the mouth. It is difficult for us to come to an agreement ”.

-Really, Charly? We imagined you playing

I’m green, they won’t let me out … I’m green … I can’t leave … I can’t get out …

– Green to play? What happened the last time you played ball?

-I was in a club, there was almost no light … I went to kick the street and I felt very bad.

-Did they kick you out for wood or injury?

Cramps in the soul.

-Aha… And what happened to your dreams of playing soccer?

They faded like soap bubbles …

We understood, Charly, we leave you alone. A final advice to be a crack in football and in life?

-And if you go to the right and change to the left, go for it! It’s better than sitting still. It’s better than being a vigilante …

-Thank you for letting us dream of you. And happy 70 years …

Say no more.


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