Oise: a seven-year-old boy receives a response from the Queen of England

It is a beautiful story that links the Queen of England to a young Frenchman. He has just received at his home, in the Oise, a letter from Buckingham Palace, in London.

Queen Elizabeth and the Little Boy: This is not a children’s tale but the most unexpected match of the year. The Sovereign wrote her heartfelt thanks for the kind words of condolence on the death of her husband, Prince Phillip, sent to her by Noah, 7. He is “happy, very happy, happy and that’s it.” A few weeks earlier, with the help of his grandmother, Noah had written to Elizabeth II from the Oise.

Prince Phillip’s death in April touched him a lot, because it echoes his own story. His great-grandfather also died in March 2021. “She was all alone, and she was sad”, sums up the young boy. During the funeral, the image of an isolated queen, at a distance from her children, to protect her from any risk related to Covid-19, moved Noah. A scene that the boy found deeply unfair.

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