The International Regional Organization for Agricultural Health (OIRSA) delivered laboratory supplies to the Ministry of Agriculture, within the framework of the national emergency for African Swine Fever (ASF) in the Dominican Republic. The reagents contemplate an investment of RD $ 5.8 million, or its equivalent in US $ 102,294.00 dollars and will be used to carry out the sampling in farms in the country.

“As OIRSA we are committed to the efforts of control, eradication and prevention of ASF in the country, and we know that one of the fundamental elements in its fight is the timely and correct diagnosis of the disease, that is why now we deliver to the laboratory workers of LAVECEN of reagents that will be used for the detection of ASF ”, indicated the representative of OIRSA in the Dominican Republic, Ana Melo.

OIRSA had provided kits for the African Swine Fever test. ASF is a serious viral disease that affects domestic and wild pigs, highly contagious, responsible for large economic and productive losses. It is established that up to 100% of animals on a farm, which become infected with the disease, die. ASF is not communicable to people, so pork can continue to be consumed safely.

Present at the reagent delivery ceremony were the director of livestock, Giovanny Molina; the Director of Animal Health, Rafael Núñez; the director of the Central Veterinary Laboratory, Griselda López; the OIRSA representative in the country, Ana Lucia Melo, and the OIRSA Animal Health officer in Panama, Carlos Moreno.

OIRSA also delivered informative and instructive material to the Animal Health Directorate that will be placed in establishments, farms, ports and airports in the country to prevent the disease. The Agency also delivered audiovisual material to instruct visitors and tourists who arrive in the country in the prevention and management of the disease.

“The support of OIRSA has been vital for the Ministry of Agriculture in the fight against ASF and its prevention, all their contributions come to add so that we can control the disease and give much more certainty to the Dominican pig sector,” said the director of Animal Health of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rafael Núñez.

The ministers and secretaries of Agriculture and Livestock of Mexico, Central America and the Dominican Republic declared a regional state of emergency for the containment, control and eradication of the African Swine Fever (ASF) outbreak and agreed that OIRSA support the attention of ASF in Dominican Republic. For this purpose, an amount of US $ 206,847.00 was allocated from the funds of the OIRSA Regional Emergency Reserve to attend the outbreak.

They reinforce poultry health

OIRSA and LAVECEN authorities announced that confirmation of LAVECEN’s accreditation in avian and newcastle influenza testing has been received. This process had the support and technical accompaniment of OIRSA and a contribution of RD $ 4,764,200.00 or its equivalent in dollars U $ 83,000.00.

OIRSA and the Ministry of Agriculture make efforts to prevent, control and eradicate avian diseases of economic importance, which limit regional and international trade.



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