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Oier Lazkano: “Training with Valverde is very exciting”

Oier Lazkano (Vitoria, 21 years old) reaches the elite of the World Tour with his signing for the Movistar Team. Before debuting in the ranks of the phone set in 2022 after leave the Caja Rural, The runner from Vitoria analyzed his present and future in cycling for AS.

-Menudo end of season. Protagonism in some getaway of the Vuelta, international calendar with Caja Rural-Seguros RGA and signing for the Movistar Team. How he feels now?

Well, resting a little, for now I am staying here during the holidays and, in principle, I am not going to do any trips. Yes it is clear that now the bike is parked for a week or week and a half, but I think that does not hurt. Come on, I don’t even take the mountain to take a walk.

– I suppose it will be in a cloud. How he feels now?

Buff, very motivated. The objective of every cyclist is to run the World Tour and to achieve it, the truth is that it has been a dream come true. I am still young and have made the leap quite early.

-How did you find out about Movistar’s interest in you?

During the Vuelta something sounded but I was not obsessed either. It was through my agent, contacts but, deep down it has been quite recent. He didn’t tell me a lot of things so I could stay focused on the race. Then it was all faster.

-It is that he has signed for a first-rate team and also for several seasons.

Nerd. It is clear. Also doing it for three years that gives you security and now I feel a bit obliged to give them back their trust.

-He was seen in some good breaks in the Vuelta but, on the penultimate day, he had to retire due to gastric problems.

Yes, the truth is that I was not well, I had been dragging problems during the last week and in the end I think that we should not force the body either. It remained to arrive and I time it so it can be said that I almost completed it.

-Do you have good memories of your time at Caja Rural?

Yes, I have been there for four years and I have left many friends and very good people there. I have to thank the trust they have given me over the years and the way they have treated me. I have great memories of them.

-Two years in the subsidiary and another two in the first team. It is said that in the Navarrese squad things are lived as if it were a family. It’s true?

Yes, it is well told. In the end we are like a family, with a very good vibes and a great atmosphere and it is very comfortable. I have great relationships with me forever.

-Jon Aberasturi congratulated you immediately after taking the jump … he said that you were like an animal on the bike.

I don’t know, anything knowing Jon.

-So look. He has also made the jump to the UCI World Tour again, signing for Trek-Segafredo. You will be happy about your arrival in the elite again, right?

And so much. He was missing for a few years in quotes and now returning to the World Tour is great news. He deserves it and I am very happy for him.

-Yes, he even raced in Mexico and Japan but then he signed for Murias and Caja Rural. Will they be summoned to the castle of Gorraiz like every year at this time? It is common in Movistar as a strategy of Eusebio Unzué.

At the end of the month it seems that we will go there to see each other for a few days with the idea of ​​training, listening to what they tell us, taking measurements of the bicycle, competition clothing and those things, but if I tell you the truth, I am not clear on the fixed date either.

-You will also change bikes, right? It will race with the Canyon. What have you heard from the squad about that “donkey”?

People speak very well, for example last year. Going to the World Tour is growing in everything and in that it is clear that too.

-The Vuelta has already run. Do you dream of participating in the Tour?

Man, posed like this, of course I would like, it is the wish of any cyclist but you have to reach this category with humility and not be in too much hurry. I also don’t like to set goals for myself as soon as I arrive but to think about growing and helping the team. Step by Step.

-And what about training with Valverde and the others in a few weeks on the Navarran roads before facing the first season on the UCI World Tour?

It is very exciting, they are the best. They sure help me grow as I am still very young. For me it is a privilege.

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