Official: Squid Game Sets Netflix Viewing Record

That Squid Game is a worldwide success no longer seems to surprise anyone. The buzz that this series continues to create, almost a month after its launch, is impressive. And the numbers confirm it.

It was already suspected that this could break all records for a new series launch on Netflix. But the streaming platform officially confirmed this information and revealed the numbers.

Squid Game has already been seen by 111 million users of the platform

According to a Netflix tweet, Squid Game has already been viewed by 111 million users of the service. Which makes this drama the most popular series on the platform at the launch window.

Squid Game has officially reached 111 million fans, making it our biggest series launch of all time!

– Netflix (@netflix) October 12, 2021

To be aware of the impact of Squid Game, it is necessary to compare with the numbers of the previous issue 1 – Bridgerton. This series will have been seen by about 82 million users in the first 28 days.

How does Netflix calculate these numbers?

These numbers are calculated based on the number of accounts that chose a certain content and stayed watching it for at least two minutes. The streaming platform does not reveal how many users viewed the content in its entirety.

Squid Game follows the story of Gi-hun, broke and desperate, leading him to take part in an enigmatic game to win money. But the terror begins right in the first round.

Here is the trailer for this series, in case you missed the ‘call’. If you have already seen Squid Game, you can also know 3 series to watch next on Netflix.

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