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Official affirms RD will have the capacity to guarantee 25% of the energy demand with renewable sources by 2025

Funcionario afirma RD tendrá capacidad de garantizar un 25% de la demanda de energía con fuentes renovables para el 2025

The Executive Director of the National Energy Commission (CNE), Edward Veras Diaz, highlighted the support provided by the government of President Luis Abinader to the different sectors involved in the production of renewable energy at the national level.

Edward Veras meant that Abinader has taken a series of measures in favor of those who produce clean energy, due to its commitment to guarantee that the country has a healthier and healthier environment.

You see, when offering statements to the media prior to the inauguration of the “V Sustainable Energy Forum”, he indicated that the president is promoting the energy transition because he is aware that the effects of climate change must be reduced.
The official said that, thanks to the government’s actions, more and more companies and institutions are participating in the production and commercialization of sustainable energy. He recalled that on September 27, President Abinader issued decree number 608-21, which allows renewable energy producers, with definitive concessions included in the registry of the special regime, to have the right to receive from distribution companies or other agents of the wholesale electricity market, payment for the sale of the energy produced. He assured that, by virtue of the policy developed by the present government to promote the development of renewable energy sources, the country is able to meet the goal of guaranteeing 25% of the national demand with renewable energy by 2025. He indicated that the sector currently covers 10% of the national energy demand.
During this Wednesday and tomorrow, Thursday, public and private institutions participate in the fifth edition of the Sustainable Energy Forum, an activity in which the main officials of the national electricity sector participate.


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