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Offers for Baena force Villarreal CF to call up an old friend

The excellent start to the league, in addition to his one-goal debut in La Roja, has left the Almería midfielder in demand among major European clubs, leaving Pacheta in trouble.

Although the performance of Villarreal CF At the start of LaLiga, EA Sports was a bit weak, Álex Baena was saved, something extraordinary. The one from Roquetas de Mar has played 314 minutes in the 4 games so far. At the moment he has 1 goal and 2 assists, although these have not been of much use to his team as they have been present in 2 of the 3 previous defeats.

The goal that went down in history was the one he scored on his debut for the Spanish national team. Only a few minutes were enough for him to get the ball into Mall’s goal and make it 5-0. With this goal, he became the 99th player in La Roja’s history to make his debut with a goal. In addition, he was the second man from Almería to wear the national jersey. The first was Diego Capel.

Baena Villarreal
Pacheta agrees that Pablo Fornals has a very similar profile to Baena and has therefore agreed to his signing.

Given the offers that don’t take long to arrive for Baena, Villarreal turns to an old acquaintance

Miguel Ángel Tena is completely sure that proposals to sign the Andalusian midfielder will not be long in coming. Because of this, the player begins to get used to the idea that he will leave at any moment. But at the same time he makes contact Pablo Fornals. A midfielder whose profile is very similar to that of Almería.

The former Malaga player currently only has one season left at West Ham United and his contract extension has been cancelled. In fact, his agent is looking for offers for his player in Spain and Villarreal’s is becoming more and more interesting. Let’s remember that the Valencian midfielder was already playing for La Cerámica, since that very team sold him to the Premier League.

If Villarreal CF want to sign Fornals as Baena’s replacement, they will have to beat Sevilla FC

Sevilla FC are also currently looking into signing the Castellón midfielder, long before the Yellow Submarine. In fact, the player has said yes to them several times as he continues to compete in the Premier League. So Miguel Ángel Tena has to break this verbal agreement with a good offer.

The advantage for both Villarreal CF and Sevilla FC is that Pablo Fornals arrives as a free agent. On the other hand, the yellow team wants to take advantage of the past and convince the player to return to where he reached a higher level that catapulted him into international football. The battle between the two institutions is open and they have more than three months to achieve the goal.

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