Many followers of Auel and Yailin la Más Viral hope that the virtual flirtation that the Puerto Rican and the Dominican exhibit on social networks will soon become real, confirming their apparent love publicly.

Of 23 questions that could be asked of Anuel, the one that everyone would like to answer is if Yailin and he are definitely a couple.

That passionate kiss is expected by seconds. It is the most precious garment for his followers.

"Don’t let the cunic panda", time will tell. Meanwhile, they prefer to follow the media game in which they keep their fans and the gossip press entertained.

In what they decide, they have to continue watching them play and settle for seeing the watch, the SUV, the jewelry and the addicts that they could show themselves to the thousands of Cupids who are arrowing them from social networks.

For now, they gave a new clue: he published a video in which the jewels and the watch that Yailin wears stand out.

"Here everyone walks at least 100 thousand on top", commented on the clip, implying that he gave them to him.

She, on the other hand, also shared party videos, where you can see how he has an arm around her shoulders.

Apparently, Anuel has already mourned his breakup with the Colombian Karol G and has been celebrating since the end of 2021 with the Dominican and both have shared videos in which they are seen very close together at an evening with friends.

Since then, it is said that the rapper would have given him expensive gifts recently.

Although so far none have confirmed or denied the rumors, followers and entertainment take it for granted that there is something more than friendship between them.

Yailin La Más Viral is a Dominican urban music singer who also has a great passion for dancing.

The young woman was born in Santo Domingo in a family where there are several doctors. Because of this, he thought of studying medicine before becoming a singer.

She began participating as a dancer in music videos for some urban Dominicans. In that medium he met people from the industry, until he decided to lean towards singing.

He currently performs his performances in urban genre, especially reggaeton and dembow.

In 2020, Yailin presented the single "Who robs me?" along with his colleague and compatriot Haraca Kiko, and thus became a trend on TikTok.

In 2021, he introduced the theme "milk tank" Y "Leather", with official videos on his YouTube channel, where he has 185,000 subscribers.




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