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Odriozola counts the hours: 100% transfer to Real Madrid

With less than 13 days until the summer market closes, the San Sebastian winger is still convinced he will abandon the merengue discipline, where he will be ostracized if he doesn’t get away.

Álvaro Odriozola has two paths during these few market days, or he pushes himself out of one real Madrid whatever, or he’ll settle for another year of ostracism. That’s the rest of his contract but deep down, the San Sebastian winger doesn’t want to waste any more time on the bench. Already last season he only played 92 minutes throughout the season and didn’t have a single serious injury.

Sources close to the madridista squad take Odriozola’s exit and the exact date of his final departure for granted. But the most interesting thing is that the information is compared with other sources, but not with the target team where the player will end up.. For Florentino, and even more so for Ancelotti, it is news that is very gratifying.

Odriozola Real Madrid
According to sources close to the merengue squad, Odriozola’s next destination is Real Sociedad.

These sources confirm that Odriozola will leave Real Madrid for home

In this case, too, the popular saying ‘the good son comes home’ applies, as the right-back could end up at Real Sociedad. It’s no surprise that the Basque’s goal is Real Arena as it’s been the same for the past few weeks Roberto Olabe he took care of his signature. Now it seems that the operation will gradually see the light of day.

The conditions under which Odriozola could leave are not entirely clear. The truth is that the 27-year-old player only has one season left and that his base price is set at 5 million euros, 20 less than the price when the madridista team bought him in 2018. Just as you can leave the country for a modest sum, you would do the same with the charter in hand.

Álvaro Odriozola would join Real Sociedad as Gorosabel’s backup and Traoré’s main rival for the title

Andoni Gorosabel, also a right-back, has left real discipline in recent days to join newly promoted Deportivo Alavés. Almost at the same time, the Malian Hamari Traoré arrived in San Sebastián from Ligue 1 Stade Rennes, albeit for free. With Álex Sola included, it is most likely that the African will start unless the former Bayern Munich player comes with a high level.

If Álvaro Odriozola’s operation finally comes to fruition, he will face a tough entry challenge to avoid being ostracized again. The San Sebastian man meets the Malian winger, who is one of Bruno Génésio’s most productive men in defence. The good thing is that ex-Canterano Txuri Urdin has the support of the fans.

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