Home Sports Odriozola and Brahim are an oasis among Real Madrid loaners

Odriozola and Brahim are an oasis among Real Madrid loaners

Odriozola and Brahim are an oasis among Real Madrid loaners

Real Madrid closely follows the evolution of its five loaned players, with mixed feelings. The cases of Odriozola and Brahim, on loan at Fiorentina and Milan respectively, are exciting due to their good performance and growing prominence; those of Kubo in Mallorca, Reinier in Dortmund and Borja Mayoral in Rome generate many more doubts and some concern at the club, which sees Madrid assets depreciate day after day with no apparent remedy.

Odriozola (Fiorentina)

After three seasons at Madrid (including half a year on loan to Bayern Munich) in which the San Sebastian player barely scratched the ball, he is finding consistency and a remarkable performance in Florence, under the command of Vincenzo Italiano. The San Sebastian is winning the place even though it was not easy at first: he competes for the minutes with Lorenzo Venuti, La Fiore quarry project. At the moment, there is a technical tie between the two: Odriozola has played 522 minutes, Venuti 509 ‘. But the trend for Álvaro is promising: he was a substitute against Inter on the fifth match, but started against Napoli on the seventh and against Juventus on the last match day played. The Italian coach seems to rely more on his experience at the high level (despite being almost half a year younger than Venuti) in the tronio duels.

Brahim (Milan)

It is being consecrated over low heat in San Siro. Last season he stood out, with seven goals and four assists, but usually as an option from the bench.. This season he has been installed in the starting position and already has four goals and two assists in 760 minutes; Only the coronavirus, which prevented him from being summoned in four meetings, has been able to stop him this campaign. So much so that Luis Enrique has noticed his improvement and called him up for this national team break with Spain, for the first time in his professional career. He is on loan in Milan until June 2023, Madrid have a hard time breaking that agreement if they want him in their ranks next season.

Brahim, with Luis Rubiales in the National Team.

Reinier (Borussia Dortmund)

The Brazilian’s second season in Germany is just as bad as the first. Marco Rose hardly trusts him: he has played only 164 minutes, with a single start, in the Cup. The coach considers that he slows down the game a lot with his style of constant threats, and has two players of enormous weight such as Brandt and Reus, according to the system. The player wants to go out, but Dortmund is unlikely to allow it; you don’t want to fall short of cash in the middle.

Mayoral (Rome)

Incomprehensible what is happening to him: after scoring 17 goals last year and being the best striker in Roma, Mourinho closed the door to him and promised that he would play, but he has only given him 100 minutes so far. Several teams, including Fiorentina, have taken an interest in him. But it depends on Roma.

Mayoral, in Rome.

Kubo (Mallorca)

He played a lot at the beginning of the course, although without shining too much, and he was injured at the Bernabéu, with meniscus problems of which he seems to be close to returning. After its stormy past course, much is expected of the Japanese.

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