ODI World Cup 2023: Book tickets for IND vs. PAK on the day

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Book and register tickets for the 2023 World Cup online

The ODI World Cup 2023 is to be organized in India. The tournament will be played from October 5th to November 19th. For the first time, India is the sole host of this mega event. In early 2011, India co-hosted with Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Team India will start their campaign in this tournament from October 8th. A total of 10 teams take part in this tournament. All teams play each other in a round-robin format, playing 9-9 games in the league stage. There are World Cup games and the special thing is that they take place in India. So for Indian fans there is no greater moment than this. So if you want to go to the stadium and watch the game, then there is big news related to ticket sales.

Register now for tickets

The ICC will start ticket sales on August 25, 2023. Before the ticket sale, a link was shared by the ICC on Tuesday 15 August and information was given on how to register before the ticket sale. In fact, through this registration, fans are constantly updated on ticket sales. Here the phone number must be provided and after registration all updates will be shared under the phone number. After this registration, the fans receive all information about booking tickets from home.

When do I get tickets for which games?

  • August 25: Ticket sales for all matches except India (including warm-up matches) begin.
  • August 30: Ticket sales for the games in Guwahati and Thiruvananthapuram, India, begin.
  • August 31: Ticket sales for matches in Chennai, Delhi and Pune in India begin.
  • 1 September: Ticket sales for the Dharamsala, Lucknow and Mumbai games in India begin.
  • 2 September: Ticket sales for the Bengaluru and Calcutta, India games begin.
  • September 3: Tickets for India’s Ahmedabad match (IND vs. PAK, October 14)
  • September 15: Tickets for the semifinals and the final go on sale

This means that tickets will no longer be available after September 15th. In such a situation, fans need to stay active from August 25th to September 15th. These dates in particular must be kept in mind, as ticket sales take place in different phases. To do this, everyone must register at cricketworldcup.com/register and book tickets online according to the dates. After booking online, fans must collect their physical tickets one day before the game or on the day of the game, wherever the game is taking place. The clear information will be announced shortly.

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