Oder River: Shocking incident in Germany and Poland, dead fish found outside rivers, reason not yet known

Oder River Fish dead- India TV Hindi News
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Oder River Fish dead


  • Security has been beefed up on the banks of the river
  • A group of 40 domestic species of fish are found in
  • where about 40 tons of fish died in a lake

Oder River: Large numbers of fish are dying on the banks of the Oder River in Poland and Germany. So far, the officials have not been able to find out why the fish are dying on a large scale. This process is going on since last month where thousands of dead fish had started coming on the banks of the river. It is believed that a poisonous substance has been found in the water. However, despite the tests, the exact is not yet known. The German government told the people not to go to the banks of the river, this danger would not go away. Security has been increased on the banks of the same river so that common people cannot go to the banks.

No effect on humans yet

On Friday, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki fired several officials over the incident. He said that the problem was initially considered normal but later it turned out to be a major incident. He said it may take a year for the river to recover. Mr. Morawiecki suggested that large amounts of chemical waste had been dumped into the waterways, with no attention to the risks to aquatic life. However, it is not clear what kind of chemicals were mixed. Several tons of dead fish were fished from the river in early 28 July following the first reports of an issue from Polish fishermen and anglers. According to one report, the Oder is generally considered a clean river, with 40 domestic species of fish found in it. Due to this, after fish, beavers, birds and ducks have also been affected. According to the article published in a local paper, so far no such case has been reported that it has had a wrong effect on mankind.

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This type of incident has happened in America

A creepy picture was seen on America’s State Beach. Millions of dead fish on the beach had made a sheet on a sea. All these fish had come to the shores. This incident happens every day in San Francisco, USA. A similar incident was also seen in Lebanon. Where about 40 tons of fish died in a lake.

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